Seattle Sunday: Olive & Boone

I'm going to try something a little different for Seattle Sundays this February. I call it Fancy February. Oh, yeah, Valentine's Day, right? Date night. Love, etc. Right? 

Nope. Actually, I've been thinking more about how we give ourselves permission to indulge on special occasions, like our wedding day, for instance. I'd like to challenge you to think of the last time you totally indulged in something that made you feel unquestionably beautiful. Please tell me it wasn't your wedding day. If it was, that's a good indication that Fancy February is for you. (Apologies, I started calling it that and couldn't bring myself to choose something wittier.)

The goal of Fancy February is to highlight local sources that will enable YOU to indulge today, because you can.

Let's start with hats from Olive & Boone. 

I first heard about Olive & Boone from Brenda at Cleanscapes. She had a hat made for her 25th wedding anniversary. Brenda was so enthusiastic about it, she brought the hat to show me (love her!) From the packaging to the hat itself, everything is lovely. Owner and milliner Erin Haskell creates each hat by hand. I'm sorry, what? Yes. Incredible. 

The milliner 

Erin's approach is thoughtful and intentional. With a Master's degree in interior design and a stint in the London press office for Stella McCartney, Erin saw an opportunity when she realized that she was not finding thoughtfully designed hats in the States. And so it began. 

Interested in seeing more? Hats are available online. Additionally, an Olive & Boone showroom will open in Spokane in the spring and Erin will also have an office in Southern California to be more accessible to her warm weather clients.

Yes, YOU can rock a hat

What I love about this story is that Brenda had the confidence to wear a hat for her anniversary party. She knew that hats are not just for brides, they are for all of us. Naturally, a special event such as participating in a wedding, an anniversary dinner or a birthday party are all wonderful opportunities to transition into wearing hats. After all, it doesn't seem as extreme if the event is focused on you. But don't be afraid to try it when you are just one of the masses. What do you have to lose? 

Just remember that you've got to be able to pull it off, or it won't work. And, please know that YOU determine whether or not you can do that. Confidence and a smile can make any outfit look better. Imagine what they can do when you are donning an exquisite hand-made hat. 

Personally, I'm a big fan of hats during summer weddings outside — when I'm just a guest. Years ago, when I was pregnant, we went to an outdoor wedding on a hot day. In an effort to not steal the show from the bride by fainting, I decided to wear a large brimmed hat. The results? I still hear comments about how my ensemble that day. Years ago. I was a guest. 

Lesson: Own the hat and you own the room. 


Okay, so you're feeling inspired to try a beautiful hat. Now, what do you wear with it? It takes time to settle in, so give yourself a break. Like a lovely vintage coat, you'll find new ways to style it year after year. Here are a few suggestions based on the oval pillbox above to get you started.

Have questions about how to pull off a particular hat or accessory? Reach out on Facebook to start a conversation!

 Mango zip fitted dress. Available in multiple colors. $79.99.

 Diane Von Furstenberg Dolly dress. MatchesFashion. $498.

 Alexis dotted lace crop top. Intermix. $265.

 ASOS Full midi skirt in scuba with pockets. Available in red or peach. ASOS. $64.82

 Wool coat. Available in orange, red or green. Zara. $119.

 Tortoise shell Minaudière. Zara. $89.90.

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