Special Request: The Perfect Necklace

My very stylish friend, Kelly, sent me a special request:

"I'm looking for a short statement necklace that I can wear with everything. Not too elaborate, please.  Ideally with a little color. Everything I have is long and metal."

I love a good challenge.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. The Gumdrop.

As an alternative to long and metal, let's try short, metal and with bold elements. This is likely in your wheelhouse because it has elements of jewelry you already own but with a twist. I've recommended this one to clients repeatedly. It comes in several colors, I usually recommend the grey or the blue. Remember, blue can easily operate as a neutral. The sky goes with everything. 

 Gumdrop necklace. Available in multiple colors. Banana Republic. $59.50.

2. The "sucks you in" monochromatic bib necklace.

If your clothing tends toward patterns and bold colors, something more subdued is in order for everyday wear. Think about your coloring when selecting a necklace to get maximum wear. If your skin tone is warm (autumn or spring color analysis), ivory or cream is  more flattering next to your face. However, if you are cool (winter or summer color analysis) white is best. That doesn't mean you can only wear one or the other. But, it does mean that it is best to keep the more flattering color next to your face. 

 Ivory Expoxy & gold bezel set statement necklace. Fiona bib necklace. Stella & Dot. $118.

3. The Curved Bib necklace.

I can't get enough of the curved bib necklace. I first saw one from Kate Spade a couple of seasons ago. Here's a much more affordable option that still does the job. Simple, classic, bold and clean. The curved bib feels professional and fashion forward, which is always a balance. It may seem that you couldn't wear this color everyday. In fact, it can be worn pretty regularly, depending on the clothing in your closet. Just like blue, green can be rocked as a neutral. The stem never clashes with the flower. Green goes with everything. Just keep the intensity the same as the rest of your outfit. Pastel green with pastel colors, bright green with bright colors. You get the idea. 

 Curved Bib necklace. Available in multiple colors. Forever 21. $7.80.

4. Something fun.

I love these both so much I can't decide which one to recommend. And, they both satisfy any need for a Valentine inspired piece.

This one is available in black which could easily be worn everyday. If you are thinking color, the necklace below is raspberry while #5 is available in red. Generally, one is better for your coloring than the other. In an effort to keep you from breaking the bank, these are also from Forever 21, the home of current and crazy affordable accessories. 

 Subtle glam lacquered necklace. Available in raspberry or black. Forever 21. $8.80.

5. Try Navy.

A sophisticated alternative to black, navy can't be beat when it comes to playing nicely with spring colors. This one is edgier for sure. It's still appropriate for work, but is more urban than sweet. A powerful choice. 

 Retro fan bib necklace. Available in navy blue or red. Forever 21. $7.80

6. A Multicolored Neutral.

If neutrals are for you, this one is a find. While it doesn't have a pop of color, it does have visual interest and can be coordinated with a wide array of outfits. For the woman who appreciates natural fabrics and the finer things, this is a must have. For you, it may be a bit too elaborate, although it may not......

 Archipelago necklace. Calypso St. Barth. Was: $125. Now: $99.

7. Back to the basics.

Because you requested something not too elaborate, I'm headed back to the basics. Something feminine with one color so you can work with it easily. Because you tend toward tailored, classic clothes, this would be a nice balance and a great color next to your face. 

 Ixora blossoms necklace. Anthropologie. $48.

And there you have it. When searching for a piece that you can wear frequently, think about what is in your closet already and what color or colors can easily coordinate with your existing pieces. The results may surprise you. I have a plastic bright yellow necklace that coordinates with almost everything I wear in the summer- navy, white, turquoise, kelly green. But, it certainly isn't a neutral. 

Furthermore, an urban woman has limited space. So, she's apt to invest in fewer pieces that are nicer quality. That means she's wearing her "signature" pieces rather than "wearing the same thing every day." 

Good luck!

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