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Monday! Monday! Monday! My favorite deals

Legend goes that once you are back at the office on the Monday following Thanksgiving, your super online shopping begins. We're pretty sure that started when we all had dial up internet at home and something slightly above dial up at work. So, whether or not Cyber Monday is still relevant is questionable. 

Something we can count on? The absolute gloriousness of a good deal.  

Therefore, in celebration of Cyber Monday, here are my favorites. Get them while you can!

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Black Friday in Ballard.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means the official crazy town of Black Friday is merely days away. Excited to start shopping for friends and family, but not so enthusiastic about shopping at 6 AM and the general beat down that has become part of this ritual? 

Well, I have good news for you. Actually, great news! 

Ballard retailers are doing something a little different. They are starting the season of giving with -- giving! Participating businesses will be donating a portion of their Black Friday revenue to local nonprofit organizations. That means when you shop locally, you help local nonprofits. And, you are sure to find some of your very favorite gifts, too. 

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