Monday! Monday! Monday! My favorite deals

 Mathilda dress. SkunkFunk. $139.

Legend goes that once you are back at the office on the Monday following Thanksgiving, your super online shopping begins. We're pretty sure that started when we all had dial up internet at home and something slightly above dial up at work. So, whether or not Cyber Monday is still relevant is questionable. 

Something we can count on? The absolute gloriousness of a good deal.  

Therefore, in celebration of Cyber Monday, here are my favorites. Get them while you can!

30% off at SkunkFunk.

It's very common for clients to ask for clothes that not everyone has or at least something memorable that makes an impression. Totally possible. My solution: SkunkFunk. A Spanish company with a couple of stores in San Francisco, SkunkFunk is all about function and impact. Items are easy to wear, easy to care for and reasonably priced. Plus, the company is all about sustainability.  30% off the Fall Winter collection on Monday, December 2nd only, discount code: CYBERFUNK.

30% off at Infinity Shoes- That means Miz Mooz!

When I discovered Miz Mooz boots, I was living paycheck to paycheck in New York.  And still, I bought 3 pairs of boots on my first visit to the brick and mortar Infinity Shoes. Years later, there was a happy chain reaction of several folks in my office buying their own Miz Mooz boots. They are addictive, to be sure. There are lots of colors available plus they are super comfortable, unique and memorable. If you haven't bought a pair yet, today is the day.

Luckily, their stock -- the largest of Miz Mooz -- is available online. Through December 3rd, you can receive 30% off Miz Mooz by using the discount code: THANKS30.  Do it!. (By the way, I'd like to remind you that blue shoes are actually incredibly functional as every color matches the sky. True story.)

 Miz Mooz Lolly. Infinity Shoes. $149.95.

 Miz Mooz West Riding Boot. Available in multiple colors. Infinity Shoes. Was $259 Now $199.95 (remember you still get the discount!)

Amazon Smile .5% to the nonprofit of your choice.

Yes, I do realize that .5% isn't a substantial amount especially if you consider that with a Target card you can donate 5% to the school of your choice with every purchase. However, let's face it. Most of us spend a great deal of money on Amazon (a local Seattle company) and we also like to give back to the community. When you sign up for Amazon Smile you can designate .5% of all your eligible purchases to go to the nonprofit organization of your choice. Imagine giving .5% of all your Amazon purchases, then imagine adding .5% of your friends's Amazon purchases, and their friends and their friends. You get the idea. Sign up. It costs you nothing and helps ensure that the season of giving goes all year.

Now, back to work:)