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Holiday Happenings- Dressing Decoded

Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. Like what you read? Jordan's research on Sizeism was recently featured in an article in the Everett Herald? Check it out! Love her and you will, too.


Dear Readers,

As we say goodbye to Thanksgiving feasts and cranberries, and move into peppermint and ham season, you may find your calender filling up with holiday parties. Your cousins fancy take on a fondue party, the co-workers bar hop, Janie's cocktail party, family dinner party, and best friends ugly sweater party; all occasions that you want to be festive and appropriately dressed.

Appropriate may be the type of festivity, I don't recommend a ball gown for a Christmas Tree hunt, but you could I suppose. Appropriate can also be making sure that you are warm enough during these chilly month, so find ways to stay warm without feeling like you have compromised. Take a look at my previous coat post for ideas on how to keep your topper chic, but don't forget the under bits as well. A great pair of tights I feel is an essential; but have fun with them. If you are wearing a plain shift, go for a patterned tight. Monochromatic pattern, say hello to this great pair of emerald tights. One of the wonderful things about this season is that you can punch up the sparkle and texture factors.

As follows are some holiday party outfits for all sorts of occasions.

Minimalist Masculine Chic goes to a Cocktail Party

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3 Ways to Wear Your Holiday Dress... Again.

I had a conversation with one of my favorite people yesterday and it, like so many conversations we've had before, it centered around her holiday cocktail dress. My friend purchased this dress for a wedding late last fall and had trouble styling it to her satisfaction. Last night, she mentioned that she was planning to wear it again for a nonprofit fundraiser, but still didn't feel like she had the proper accessories... or something.

We've all been there. We buy a dress we love with the hopes that the styling will come together. Sadly, we discover we aren't sure what shoes to wear or jewelry. And, forget about staying warm at the party. 

So, as a tribute to all of us who've stared at the dress we love, but never wear, in our closet, here are three ways to rock that holiday cocktail dress before next Christmas.

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