Holiday Happenings- Dressing Decoded

 Chi Chi Plus Longsleeved Lace Bordot Midi Dress. ASOS. $142.13

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Dear Readers,

As we say goodbye to Thanksgiving feasts and cranberries, and move into peppermint and ham season, you may find your calender filling up with holiday parties. Your cousins fancy take on a fondue party, the co-workers bar hop, Janie's cocktail party, family dinner party, and best friends ugly sweater party; all occasions that you want to be festive and appropriately dressed.

Appropriate may be the type of festivity, I don't recommend a ball gown for a Christmas Tree hunt, but you could I suppose. Appropriate can also be making sure that you are warm enough during these chilly month, so find ways to stay warm without feeling like you have compromised. Take a look at my previous coat post for ideas on how to keep your topper chic, but don't forget the under bits as well. A great pair of tights I feel is an essential; but have fun with them. If you are wearing a plain shift, go for a patterned tight. Monochromatic pattern, say hello to this great pair of emerald tights. One of the wonderful things about this season is that you can punch up the sparkle and texture factors.

As follows are some holiday party outfits for all sorts of occasions.

Minimalist Masculine Chic goes to a Cocktail Party

 Elie Tahari Oakly. $340.00

 Swing Dress with Velvet. $123.18

No need for heels, especially as sidewalks get icy and for parties where standing and mingling is key, comfort at least for me always wins out. This great flippy dress with fun velvet paneling has a great texture contrast with the cut out shine of the sleek oxfords. Throw on a pair of tights, maybe in burgundy or emerald and you are set for conversation and finger food. Also an easy work to party outfit switch, just add a sleek blazer for a work layer and throw on a sparkly silver necklace to transition it.

Ladylike Modernity attends a Formal Dinner Party

 Studio Sequin Sheath Dress. $198.00

 Chinese Laundry Nala Evening Pump. Macy's. $99.00

 Faux Fur Jacket. H&M +. $69.95

Walk in to your boss's place, or a co-workers party and jaws will drop. This is the time of year to embrace sparkle and sequin and play it up. Looking to keep it sleek and adult? Just go for monochromatic sequin looks that are constructed well. Add in a pop of color with a great pump and top it with a warm and cozy faux fur coat that brings some serious glam to the ensemble.

Cool Effortless Confidence slinks into BFF's Xmas Party

 Lace Jacket. Also in White. $148.00

 Solid bar Y-chain. Bauble Bar. $48.00

 Bandeau Jumpsuit in Scuba. $85.28

This great scuba jumpsuit offers lots of stretch for easy moving and eating, while being just so effortlessly awesome looking. The jacket just adds another dimension of texture that real elevates this outfit to one that people will remember. The necklace just brings a hint of subtle romance to the look. This is a head turning ordeal, add a pair of pumps, a jeweled flat or even a low profile bootie to round out this easy event attire.

Edgy Soulful Urbanite take on an Ugly Sweater Party.

 Reindeer Print Christmas Jumper. $32.28

 City Chic Wet Look Skinny Jean. Nordstrom. $89.95

 Jeffrey Campbell Calzino Suede Boot. Nordstrom. $164.95

The holiday season would not be complete without an ugly sweater party. They are personally my favorite of all the holiday parties, because you can make your own sweater. For those who are not interested in a truly jaw breaking sweater, and instead want one that is funny enough for a year to year use, but unassuming enough that it can be thrown on for a grocery run, I have an option for you. But how does one edge up a reindeer sweater? With some edgy pants and a killer cool pair of booties.

Artsy Cozy Earthy bakes Cookies with nieces and nephews

I just love cozy sweaters, and this great lighter version is so much fun. Perfect for a day spent cooking  when paired with a pair of good comfy quality jeans, it will soon be a work horse in your winter wardrobe. Pair with a comfy pair of Birkenstock's or fluffy socks and have a wonderful time with family or friends. Simple and easy. 

Classic Fresh Simplicity goes on a Christmas Tree hunt

  Cable Knit Sweater Dress. Maurices. $54.00

 Oversize Knitted Scarf. ASOS. $28.43

 Sorel Slimpack Riding Glow Booties. $130.00

Simple, comfy and so darn pretty is how I feel about this outfit. With a practical boot and a warm yet cute sweater dress, when paired with fleece lined leggings this outfit a favorite. The great thing about it is its versatility in that you can put on a pair of riding boots for work, or patterned tights and a stacked heel for a party. It can be anything you need it to be.

  Poplin Contributor and Plus Size Guru Jordan Richardson. Photo by  Emily Dymond Photography.

Hopefully this has been a helpful experiment in trying to decode holiday party wear. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and hope that you enjoy the time as we gear up to enter the new year in a month. And just remember, stay warm, stay safe, and stay you!

Happy holidays,


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