Seattle Sunday: Ooo La La Lashes from the Lash Factory

Remember that day, so long ago, when you discovered what having your eyebrows waxed could do for your face? Or how about when you tried a shaper for the very first time? Or a push up bra? How much do you wish someone had told you years ago about the importance of sunscreen on your face?  

It's these unspoken truths that transform how we look and feel. And let me tell you, Dear Reader: lash extensions are your next addiction. 

What lash extensions from the Lash Factory did for me and what they can do for YOU.

1. Bam!

As a kid, I had very long eye lashes. As an adult in my very late 30's, not so much. As much as I experiment with mascara, I'm not super confident that anyone could see a significant difference when I'd vacillate between lengthening, thickening or curling mascaras, for instance. And, then, it all changed. 

Hearing trusted members of spa community all rave about their lash services, it seemed clear that I should investigate lash extensions. Lash Factory owner Lisabet De Vos took good care of me. Here's the before and after to prove it. In the words of Emeril Lagasse — who is always going on about eye lashes — "Bam!"

2. Yes, you can have that extra 20 minutes to sleep in.

After getting my new lashes, I stopped wearing mascara. In fact, I stopped using eye makeup altogether. I didn't need to, Lisabet informed me. And, she even stocked me up with a supply of a lovely eye makeup remover to make things easier. Skipping a good portion of my makeup routine meant more time to relax in the morning. In fact, I often opted for just moisturizer with SPF, powder and lip gloss. Then out the door. One client likened it to the cosmetic version of Poplin-created outfits on your phone. One investment that saves you measurable time every single day. Yes!

3. Wait, an indulgence at a surprisingly reasonable price?

We have all experienced the difference between a crazy affordable mani-pedi and the same process at a high end salon. Sure, you save money on the front end, but the difference is clear. 

Call me crazy, but I vote you NEVER take a risk with your eyes. So, lashes are not a place to cut corners to save a few dollars. Safety is always the top priority. 

While the lash extension craze is just picking up steam now, Lisabet has been doing lashes since 2006. That's right. And, she's certified. So whether you go to the Lash Factory or somewhere else, please do your due diligence to make sure the establishment has clean tools, is certified and has great reviews. 

That said, I was surprised to learn how affordable lashes at the Lash Factory can be. My full mink set runs $225. It takes about two hours for the Lash Factory team to place each individual eyelash (right?!) on your eyelids. (This is also a lovely time for a much needed nap.)

After three weeks, a fill ($75) does the trick. I expected to hear that you need to reinvest with an entirely new set every so often. But, as it turns out, that depends on your lash guru. Lisabet's goal is to simply fill in every three weeks without needing a new set. And that's worked for me so far. 

4. An EXTRAORDINARY deal for Poplin readers.

If you've never had eyelash extensions before, $225 can be daunting. Lash Factory is offering a spectacular deal to Poplin readers. Really. It's crazy.

Save $100 on your set during the month of December when you mention Poplin.

For those of you on the east side, this is especially dreamy as Lash Factory is located in the Issaquah Highlands. For the rest of us, it's worth the drive. 

So keep your eyes peeled for more photos of my lovely eyelashes on Instagram. And please share your before and after photos once you've taken the plunge. Can't wait to see how you look!


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