Good Stuff For YOU Now.

Let's face it, the season of giving can get a little stressful. I've been thinking about this quite a bit. As your very own personal stylist, in preparation for this month of excitement and exhaustion, I've prepared a few special somethings for you, Dear Reader. After all, you've been good to me so I'm going to be very good to you. 

Just For YOU.

1. A HUGE discount on lash extensions at the Lash-Factory.

This month save $100 on lash extensions at the Lash-Factory in the Issaquah Highlands. That's right. $100 off of the Bam! Faux Mink Full Set. I'm sending this love to the east side; but Seattle-ites shouldn't fear the drive. This generous discount from owner Lisabet de Vos will give you the opportunity to experience the magnificence of lash extensions. They save you time every morning while making you look and feel beautiful. Look for this Sunday's blog post with more details or just look at my pretty lashes. I'm rocking the BAM Faux Mink Full Set right now. 


2. A chance to WIN Italian leather shoes from re-souL.

Every person who supports Poplin on social media via: 1. liking Poplin on Facebook, 2. Following Poplin on Instagram or Twitter, 3. Signing up for the Poplin email list, 4. Commenting on the Poplin blog is entered into the drawing to win a free pair of shoes from the re-SouL collection. I'm obsessed with these shoes. Visit the Ballard boutique or shop online to see the high quality shoes. Every like, follow, subscribe is another entry into the drawing. And, YOU get to choose the pair that works for you. Believe it. Not sure how to style them? That's what I'm here for.


 Client Ritzy rocks her casual attire illustrated in her  online look book.   easy accessible via her computer or mobile device.

3. The EASIEST way for you to receive personal styling from Poplin Style Direction. 

Been reading the blog for ages and dreaming of upping your style game? Now's the time. Put a Poplin Style package on your holiday wish list. Friends or family can click and buy a gift certificate directly from the website. Whether it's the husband who purchases the Style 360 for his wife and has me surprise her in her living room, the daughter who buys the Mobile 360 for her mom after weight loss surgery or the mom who buys the Kids Style Package for her tween daughter struggling with her style identity during a time of transition, few things are as gratifying as participating in the generous gift-giving tradition. Special thanks to all who've given me this opportunity so far. Not sure if this is for you? Check out what people are saying about Poplin and client transformations to help you know for sure. And, of course, you can always reach out directly. 

So, there you have it. It's a big month! Make sure you are entered to win, taking advantage of opportunities and investing in yourself and the ones you love this holiday season.