Seattle Sunday: It's Time for Some High Quality Shoes (and Accessories) from re-souL.

 re-souL collection Buffy. Available in black, blue. re-souL. $224.

It may or may not be obvious, but I think long and hard about the subject of each Seattle Sunday post. What are clients asking me about? What's my favorite new discovery? What do readers NEED to know right now?

With that sort of attention, it's been excruciating for me to hold off on this post. But, it was worth the wait!

My hands down favorite shoe store in Seattle is re-souL. That's right.  Hands down.

Because of this adoration, I wanted to kick off the holiday season with a post about this Ballard boutique filled with high quality Italian-made shoes for men and women. But a post just isn't enough. My interview with owners Maggie and Legh Burns resulted in so much valuable information that you'll be seeing tips and tricks from them throughout December. And, read on for more information about how YOU could win your very own pair of men's or women's shoes from the re-souL collection. Off we go!


Why a Visit to re-souL is at the Top of your Holiday To-do List

 Photo by  Selena Kearney.

1. Because beautifully-made, functional shoes are not just for men.

As women, sometimes it feels like we need to choose between fine Italian leather and... walking. If you want a shoe that is beautifully made with expert craftsmanship, you often times find yourself wishing it wasn't combined with a four inch stiletto heel. That, Dear Reader, ends now.

A trip to re-souL is like a vacation to Europe. Every pair of shoes is worth picking up, touching and quickly summoning your friend or partner to come share the experience. They are, in a word, stunning.

Maggie heads to trade shows in Italy twice a year to buy for the store. After more than 13 years co-owning re-souL, which follows a career spent traveling to Europe buying shoes for Nordstrom, she knows exactly what she's looking for and where to find it. (As it turns out, that's in Italy.)

 Cordani Zorba Clog. re-souL. $186.

2. Because walking is just as important as looking amazing. 

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I spend a great deal of time explaining to clients that Danskos aren't the only comfortable option. No words can communicate this point as effectively as a visit to re-souL. Lucky for all of us, Maggie is on a mission to find you hip, comfortable shoes.

In her words, "Every single pair of shoes in the shop is comfortable. That’s also what you are paying for. These are not cheap shoes. If you are paying for a pretty shoe, it should also be comfortable." 

 Men's Fiorentini + Baker G04 Boot. re-souL. $580.

3. Because you deserve exceptional service.

Service is everything. When you are ready to invest in a truly beautiful pair of shoes that will last multiple seasons, you want the experience to be of the highest level. Part of that is generosity, helpfulness and so on. But another key component is knowledge. The re-souL crew is right up there with Katrina Rising at Cake Skincare and Marla Malcolm Beck from Bluemercury when it comes to deep knowledge of their subject. If there were a PhD in leather, Maggie would have one. 

 Endless pairings.... Photo by  Selena Kearney

4. Because the re-souL team is actually listening to you.

Sure, in theory, the larger retailers are listening to our feedback. Online comments are read by someone, right? 

But it's different at re-souL. Very different. When Maggie wasn't seeing all the "colorful, fun flats" when she went on buying trips to Italy, she knew her customers would be disappointed. So she and Legh took action, launching the first re-souL collection last spring.

It sold out. 

"The basis of our collection is that I wanted to provide a really well made shoe, not to complement what we already carry in the shop. A lot of people can’t afford those price points. Made in Italy, still fits well, high quality, for under $300. And, that’s what we did," she said. 

That's another reason that you can rest assured that every pair of shoes in the store is comfortable. Because Maggie and Legh understand that Seattleites are looking for a comfortable shoe. 

 Kudeta 413810 Wedge Bootie. Available in grey, yellow. re-souL. $258.

5. Because you are cool like that. 

A stylish pair of shoes is everything. I've said it many times: if you can only invest in a couple of things, go for shoes and a coat. But, finding that pair of shoes that are both hip and functional is a challenging endeavor. Might I suggest that you save yourself hours of online shopping and just head over to see the fall re-souL collection? Personally, I'm obsessed. There are blue AND green boots! Oxfords! The list goes on. I'm SO enthusiastic about the collection that you'll see me pairing shoes from the collection throughout the month on the blog and the Poplin newsletter. If you have questions about how to style a pair, just let me know. 

 re-souL Dionne Oxford. Available in green, blue, black. re-souL. $188.

6. Because YOU COULD WIN.

Maggie and Legh have generously offered up one pair of shoes for a Poplin reader.

The best part, the winner gets to CHOOSE his or her favorite pair from the re-souL collection. 

Each of the following counts as an entry into the drawing:

1. Like Poplin on Facebook.

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4. Sign up for the Poplin email list

5. Comment on the blog or Facebook

That's right. Each action is an entry into the drawing. Existing email subscribers, Facebook fans and followers on Instagram or Twitter are already entered to win. That means if you are already supporting Poplin, thank you! Just make sure you are leveraging all your social media channels to help you win. 

 Areaware Blockitecture Series 1: Brutalism. re-souL. $25.

7. Because there's more to re-souL than shoes.

The team lovingly curates a boutique filled with accessories, bags, jewelry and adorable gifts for the kids. It's a stocking stuffer's paradise. 


So, enter to win, visit the store and keep your eyes peeled for more tips and tricks inspired by re-souL. And, hey, happy holidays!


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