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Win an Environmentally Conscious Tote Bag made by Local Artist George Jennings (Reusable, Artistic, Diverse AND Versatile)

George and Nakeesa have been friends of mine for years. You may recognize some of the images below from cards I’ve mailed out over the years. Or, you might have seen me carrying around my favorite George Jennings totes. (I have two!) I’m especially excited to share Sophia’s take on George’s work and to give you an opportunity to win one of your own! Enjoy.

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Pinup Salon: City Skills with a Small Town Feel

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As a personal stylist for women in the Seattle area, I get lots of questions about style. As we move further into the styling process, I start to get lots more questions about everything else. From hair to skincare to philanthropy and summer camps for kids: You name it. I've been asked about it. 

So, when I'm able to offer up another option for clients and readers, I'm elated. After all, I only recommend what I truly love. As each client has her own unique personal style, it's vital that I connect her with resources that are right for her. Enter Pinup Salon.

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Hey! What are you Wearing?

Hello, Dear Reader! 

I'm still feeling the glorious effects of the Poplin client party. As you know, Naked Truth Beauty and Everling Jewelry were really the stars of the show. Over the summer I've become completely enamored with NTB and have been wearing the lips, eyes and beam (or just the lips/cheeks) plus moisturizer with SPF everyday. That's it. No foundation. No concealer. NTB really swept me off my feet. 

I had become pretty comfortable with

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Super Cool Stuff by Super Cool People

My goodness, the world is filled with talented people doing incredible things! I feel like my Facebook feed is blowing up with stellar achievements by friends. As a personal stylist, recommendations are a big part of my job. And, right now, I have so many recommendations for you, Dear Reader, simply based on a handful of inspirational people around me. Whether you find better hair, films, music, jewelry or more, here's a handy list of what some people I love are doing right now that can benefit you. 


Super Cool Stuff by Super Cool People for

Super Cool People (that's you!) 

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Get Your Shopping On.

Things are crazy in Poplin-land right now. Why? You ask. It is full blown summer. That means that when a new client is ready to transform her look, she's also ready to do it quickly before her upcoming vacation. It's all adrenaline all the time. And, what type of adrenaline could be more satisfying than that associated with shopping? For me, none.

But there are additional factors that make this a special time to pay attention. As your very own personal stylist, it is only right that I share this news with you, Dear Reader, just in case you missed it. 


Reasons to Shop Right NOW.

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Holt & Lulu: One of My Favorite Brands for Kids on Sale NOW

In addition to styling women, I am also a personal stylist for kids. As you can imagine, I'm on the eternal quest for hip, high quality and affordable children's apparel. It's fun. It's time consuming. And, it can also be incredibly rewarding when something inspirational comes along. Enter: Holt & Lulu.

I discovered local brand Holt & Lulu a few years ago and highlighted the company in the blog last year. That was just the beginning. Now, you can find a number of pieces at and expect to find more there this summer and fall. As you may know, Dear Reader, we are in the midst of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. That means crazy savings on all sorts of pieces. In this case, it also means crazy deals on Holt & Lulu.


Holt & Lulu: Clothes for Hip Kids

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Seattle Sunday: Announcing the Winner of the Finerie CoLAB Mother's Day Giveaway

Happy Mother's Day, Dear Reader. As your own personal stylist, I'd like to start the day by thanking you for reading the blog and for entering (I sure hope you entered!) the Finerie CoLAB Mother's Day Giveaway. 

If you like Poplin Style Direction on Facebook, follow Poplin on Instagram, follow Poplin on Twitter or subscribe the Poplin newsletter, you were entered to win $100 gift certificate from the Finerie CoLAB for you and another one for your mom. That's $200 in total! That's right. If you do all of the above that's four entries. 

If you shared the giveaway on social media, you were entered 10 times for every share! Believe it. 

So, to celebrate Mother's Day, it's time to announce our winner. Here we go!

And the Winner of $200 to spend as you choose at the Finerie CoLAB is


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The Dapper Man and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is designed to take some time to enjoy the ones we love, or at least that's what they tell us. I like to think of it as a nice opportunity to put in a little extra effort to look and feel smashing and ensure that if there is a fella in your life, he has the opportunity, rather than the obligation, to do the same.

Sometimes, that can be effortless. Frequently, it is not. So, if you or the gentleman in your life is struggling with February 14th, let me offer some guidance. 

The Dapper Man and Valentine's Day: From the Perfect Gift to Creating the Ideal Look

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Seattle Sunday: It's Time for Some High Quality Shoes (and Accessories) from re-souL.

It may or may not be obvious, but I think long and hard about the subject of each Seattle Sunday post. What are clients asking me about? What's my favorite new discovery? What do readers NEED to know right now?

With that sort of attention, it's been excruciating for me to hold off on this post. But, it was worth the wait!

My hands down favorite shoe store in Seattle is re-souL. That's right.  Hands down.

Because of this adoration, I wanted to kick off the holiday season with a post about this Ballard boutique filled with high quality Italian-made shoes for men and women. But a post just isn't enough. My interview with owners Maggie and Legh Burns resulted in so much valuable information that you'll be seeing tips and tricks from them throughout December. And, read on for more information about how YOU could win your very own pair of men's or women's shoes from the re-souL collection. Off we go!


Why a Visit to re-souL is at the Top of your Holiday To-do List

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Seattle Sunday Father's Day Edition: Ian

Our house is filled with fashion enthusiasts. Our daily conversations are often dominated by current events, work updates, food and fashion. And we love it. 

As a personal stylist for men, women and kids, I'm often asked about my favorite boutiques for each. With Father's Day right around the corner, it seems only right that today's Seattle Sunday post highlight a men's boutique for the hip man, IanPlus, when you mention Poplin you save 15%.

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Your Weekend Starts Now.

Man, have I got the weekend of dreams planned for you. (And, it starts today!)

Summer is here (despite today's rain) and that means longer days and the relentless desire to get out and do things, meet people, look pretty. It's possible our entire city has some level of seasonal affective disorder. We pay the price in the dark and gloomy months; but this time of year is when we shine. So, as you are putting the final touches on your weekend plans, why not indulge in something for yourself?

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Seattle Sunday: Winslow Handmade Ties & Pocket Squares

This post has been in the works for months and I am THRILLED to finally be able to share with you, Dear Reader, what I've been telling every person I come in contact with: my love of Winslow

I initially heard about Winslow from our good friends at Freeman Seattle (check out the recent post featuring Freeman or the site with new jackets for women). Shortly afterward, I saw one of the ties at Velouria and I was hooked. The brainchild of two bright, energetic and thoughtful women, Winslow makes one-of-a-kind handmade neckties, bow ties and pocket squares from reclaimed fabrics. Each one is unique and impeccably made. 

They are inspirational. More than a tie or a pocket square, Winslow offers transformation. 

5 Ways that a Piece from Winslow Can Be Used to Alter the Course of Your Life


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Seattle Sunday: Velouria. I Can't Get Enough.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for some time or follow Poplin on social media, (FacebookInstagram & Twitter) you've undoubtedly witnessed my enthusiasm for Ballard's own- Velouria. As a personal stylist, I've had much success with clients in the shop. Stocked with items made in America and Canada with special love given to makers from the Northwest, the shop is authentic, endearing and fashionable, just like the Velouria team. I'm THRILLED to give you a peek into the world of Velouria. Want to hear more? Make sure you are signed up for the Poplin e-newsletter. The complete interview will be included in an upcoming email. 

Just a Few Reasons I Adore Velouria, and You Will, Too.

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