Seattle Sunday Father's Day Edition: Ian

 Steven Alan Oliver pant in steel blue. Ian. $265.

 Steven Alan Oliver Jacket in steel blue. Ian. $475.

 J. Press York Street Boating Henley. Ian. $95.

 Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Pier V-Neck sweater. Ian. Was: $195. Now: $89.

 Topo Designs Klettersack. Available in multiple colors. Ian. $169.

 Save Khaki United Chambray work shirt. Ian. $140.

Our house is filled with fashion enthusiasts. Our daily conversations are often dominated by current events, work updates, food and fashion. And we love it. 

As a personal stylist for men, women and kids, I'm often asked about my favorite boutiques for each. With Father's Day right around the corner, it seems only right that today's Seattle Sunday post highlight a men's boutique for the hip man, Ian. Plus, when you mention Poplin you save 15%. 

Ian opened its doors 12 years ago. Beginning as a high-end boutique, owners Cerise Wood and Scott McElmury had to make some changes to weather the recession. They shifted to lower-priced, sophisticated street wear and now carry high-quality menswear at a mix of price points. Only a few months ago, the store moved a few doors down to a shiny new location filled with must-haves for the Seattle man. 

I recently interviewed Cerise and Scott about the shop, its philosophy and the changing man in Seattle.

Poplin: Tell me about the store.

Scott and Cerise: It's dressy casual, very laundered, back to denim. 90% of our denim is made in America and we like to focus on items made in the US. We also like to incorporate blazers and items that tend to run on the slim side.

We represent brands, rather than just pieces here and there. And we are thoughtful about which brands we choose to represent and have been carrying a few of our brands since day one. Everything is made in really good factories.

P: How do you feel you relate to Northwest fashion?

SC: We're casual, but not fleece casual. Our customers tend to be from the tech industry who are hip but not fashiony. Many like to stock up in the fall because they feel more perceived value. We're really a two season store.

Our customers tend to be loyal to specific brands and they know they can find current pieces from those brands at the shop. 

P: What are your thoughts about the renaissance in menswear over the last few years?

SC: We've seen a big change. People who used to wear t-shirts are now paying attention to their clothes. Selvage denim is a big deal and a big part of our business. We carry J Brand, Civillianaire, DL, and Levis Made and Crafted, to name a few. 

P: What's your favorite brand right now?

SC: We love Woolrich John Rich & Bros. — comfort, durability and resistance combined with simplicity and innovation.

P: Any additional insight on the Seattle man?

SC: Men in Seattle love jackets.

P: Agreed.

A few added insights from your very own personal stylist.

1. Every man can use a chambray shirt right now. 

2. Worried about sizes? Accessories are always a win for gifts. For men, a great bag can elevate the entire look and still be very functional. I believe the words were, "hip, but not fashiony."

3. 15% is a whole lot of money when you are talking about a bag, suit or that pair of jeans he's been going on and on about. Don't let the discount slip away.

4. Studies show that many moms would love a few hours of leisure time for Mother's Day. There are most certainly dads (like the one at our house) who'd LOVE some time at Ian to spend a gift card. You can get one in the store or call to order.

5. Ian's Spring Sale is happening RIGHT NOW. Just another excuse to go shopping.


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