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What are Some Super Cool Products Made by Veterans and Their Families?

Veteran's Day is a thing at our house. Our 7 year old is a big fan of patriotic songs and sings them often. Veteran's Day is his, "favorite singing holiday." We also try to call up vets that we know, including my Dad, to just check in because we're thankful they are home.

On the fashion front, it's a good reminder to check out the wealth of businesses owned by vets and their spouses. Moving every year or even more often can be brutal on a spouse's career, so I'm a HUGE fan of the innovative businesses that allow spouses to work from home wherever they happen to live. This ensures that they won't miss out on income or job stability from a move. And, if you are a long time reader, you are familiar with my adoration for the folks at Combat Flip Flops- a local company started by two former Army Rangers who had served a number of tours in Afghanistan started with a mission to, "To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict." It's incredible and produces equally inspiring results: 

  • Every product Combat Flip Flops sells puts an Afghan girl into secondary school for a day.
  • Each Peacemaker Bangle or coinwrap sold clears 3 square meters of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) from a region rocked by long-term war (those are landmines, folks)  - saving lives and providing economic opportunity. 

You can hear all about it from one of the founders and friend of Poplin in his TedX talk. SO good. 

Flip Flops are only the beginning. Check out the high quality products (we have several including a necktie my husband wears regularly) and pick some up as early holiday gifts for the ones you love and, naturally, a little something for you. 

Combat Flip Flops, affectionately known as CFF, is just the beginning. 

Very Cool Products Made by Veterans & Their Families. 

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Let's Kick Things Off With the Peacemaker- Stunning Pieces Made by Vets & Their Families

Sometimes Veteran's Day can feel like a random day to get last minute childcare for the kids or discover the bank is closed. But, it only takes a minute or two to be reminded of how fortunate we are for the men, women and their families who put our country before themselves. Really. Sure, we thank individuals for their service and are generally referring to their willingness to put themselves in harm's way. But, it goes well beyond that incredible gift they give to our country. The spouses who forgo career advancement because of necessary moves or scheduling to accommodate a spouse who is deployed are only a few of the really impressive choices these folks make. So, in the wake of our recent election and on this national holiday, I thought I'd focus on some fashionable pieces that support our military families. If you have some other suggestions, please send them my way!

Enjoy the day. I hope you get to spend it with someone you love. 

Very Hip Products

Made By Vets and Their Families

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How do I Style Clogs?

FACT: I adore clogs. 

Interestingly, clogs are defined as, "shoes that are made completely or in part from wood." That means shoes like my recent find from Ballard boutique re-souL are clogs, despite having an ankle strap. So, there's that. 

Since the moment I posted photos of my visit to re-souL, those clogs have been front and center in nearly every conversation. My friend in Colorado even called to ask where she could find a pair (re-souL, naturally). But, despite the enthusiasm over these timeless wonders, it's evident that people often struggle with styling clogs. No more, Dear Reader. No more.



5 Ways to Rock a Clog

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The Dapper Man and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is designed to take some time to enjoy the ones we love, or at least that's what they tell us. I like to think of it as a nice opportunity to put in a little extra effort to look and feel smashing and ensure that if there is a fella in your life, he has the opportunity, rather than the obligation, to do the same.

Sometimes, that can be effortless. Frequently, it is not. So, if you or the gentleman in your life is struggling with February 14th, let me offer some guidance. 

The Dapper Man and Valentine's Day: From the Perfect Gift to Creating the Ideal Look

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Seattle Sunday Father's Day Edition: Ian

Our house is filled with fashion enthusiasts. Our daily conversations are often dominated by current events, work updates, food and fashion. And we love it. 

As a personal stylist for men, women and kids, I'm often asked about my favorite boutiques for each. With Father's Day right around the corner, it seems only right that today's Seattle Sunday post highlight a men's boutique for the hip man, IanPlus, when you mention Poplin you save 15%.

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Seattle Sunday: Freeman Brings the Mountains to the City — in all the Right Ways

Seattle, of course, loves the outdoors. It's not hard to see why — drive a couple hours in any direction and you'll find one incredible natural landscape after another. We take our outdoor recreation seriously, and it's one of the great defining characteristics of our city.

We dress for it, too. It's no coincidence that our very own REI has become one of the biggest names in expedition outfitting. Ask a typical Seattlite the relative merits of wool, synthetic, or silk baselayers and chances are you'll find yourself in a longer conversation than you intended. And this is important stuff — if you're heading out to the backcountry, having the right technical gear can literally save your life.

But sometimes it's hard for us to leave the mountains, well, in the mountains. We come back to the city after a weekend exploring the wild places, and we just don't want to put away our fleece vests and softshell jackets and hiking boots. It's almost as if by wearing our technical gear into the city, we're bringing a bit of that elusive outdoor magic into our daily grind.

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