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Seattle Sunday: Freeman Brings the Mountains to the City — in all the Right Ways

Seattle, of course, loves the outdoors. It's not hard to see why — drive a couple hours in any direction and you'll find one incredible natural landscape after another. We take our outdoor recreation seriously, and it's one of the great defining characteristics of our city.

We dress for it, too. It's no coincidence that our very own REI has become one of the biggest names in expedition outfitting. Ask a typical Seattlite the relative merits of wool, synthetic, or silk baselayers and chances are you'll find yourself in a longer conversation than you intended. And this is important stuff — if you're heading out to the backcountry, having the right technical gear can literally save your life.

But sometimes it's hard for us to leave the mountains, well, in the mountains. We come back to the city after a weekend exploring the wild places, and we just don't want to put away our fleece vests and softshell jackets and hiking boots. It's almost as if by wearing our technical gear into the city, we're bringing a bit of that elusive outdoor magic into our daily grind.

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