Let's Kick Things Off With the Peacemaker- Stunning Pieces Made by Vets & Their Families

 the Peacemaker bangle. Made from unexploded ordinance and war scrap (aka bombs) in Laos. Combat Flip Flops. $39.

Sometimes Veteran's Day can feel like a random day to get last minute childcare for the kids or discover the bank is closed. But, it only takes a minute or two to be reminded of how fortunate we are for the men, women and their families who put our country before themselves. Really. Sure, we thank individuals for their service and are generally referring to their willingness to put themselves in harm's way. But, it goes well beyond that incredible gift they give to our country. The spouses who forgo career advancement because of necessary moves or scheduling to accommodate a spouse who is deployed are only a few of the really impressive choices these folks make. So, in the wake of our recent election and on this national holiday, I thought I'd focus on some fashionable pieces that support our military families. If you have some other suggestions, please send them my way!

Enjoy the day. I hope you get to spend it with someone you love. 

Very Hip Products

Made By Vets and Their Families

 Cashmagh available in three colors. Combat Flip Flops. $150. 20-% off with code: WELOVEVETS

 At the Shark Tank party for Combat Flip Flops in February, 2016.

1. The Cashmere Cashmagh.

I bought one of these for a friend the first day I discovered Combat Flip Flops, over two years ago. It is truly among the softest, most luxurious cashmere scarf I've seen. Local maker Combat Flip Flops is not only run by vets, it also gives back to so many of the people who have been most affected by war. These cashmaghs, for instance, are made by women in Afghanistan, providing opportunity AND a portion of the proceeds funds women's higher education in the same country. Powerful and fashionable. If the company sounds familiar, you may have seen it featured on Shark Tank! Or, you noticed my husband rocking his CFF neck tie!

 Georgia Cuff. Tara Hutch. $225.


2. Handmade Jewelry by Veteran Tara Hutch.

One of my clients introduced me to Tara's work. Metalwork and stones, the pieces are unusual and have a boho vibe that's just right with pieces from Anthropologie or Free People, for instance. 

 OTTO | SIGNATURE DENIM + BLACK. Available in multiple colors, styles. R.Riveter. $240.

3. R.Riveter Handbags.

I love so many of the products on this list, but I think I might just love this company the most. R.Riveter was founded by military spouses and provides jobs to other military spouses wherever they live. Yup. If they move, they simply keep working to make these gorgeous pieces and don't miss any income due to relocation. It's a brilliant business model that supports smart, talented spouses and partners wherever they are. True love.

 Bottle Breacher AKA Bottle Opener. Available in black, brass, chrome.R. Riveter. $48.

4. Bottle Breacher. 

.50 Caliber ammunition that is now a bottle opener handmade by veterans. Now, that's a special occasion gift that won't be forgotten. 

 Leader Earrings. Available in gold, silver. Stella Valle. $99.

 I AM bracelet. Available in multiple colors. Stella Valle. $69.

 Hallowed Square. Available in multiple metals with a wide range of incredible messages. Stella Valle. $49.

5. Anything from Stella Vale.

Narrowing this down to three was nearly impossible. These pieces from Stella Valle, a company created by veterans including West Point grads and army officers, will give you that extra push you need everyday. After all, you really are a Goal Digger, aren't you?