This Election is Killing Me: 8 Ways to Detox

 It's time to party. Opera Lace Dress. Anthropologie. $628. Additional 20% off dresses with code: WINWIN.

This year has been unlike any other year. As a personal stylist for women, I've noticed that this fall has been like unlike any other fall. Why? People are stressed. It's tough to fight for equality and feminism and simultaneously be shopping for the perfect metallic ankle boot. Tough, but not impossible, Dear Reader. Let's face it, when we feel good about what we are wearing, we have more momentum to do great things. And, right now, we clearly need a lot of momentum. But, if like me, you feel like this election has gone on just a little too long, it's time to take some time out to give yourself a little love. Here are some suggestions to get you going. Inertia kills.

8 Ways to Give Yourself Some Love

in the Face of this Election

1. Vote. 

Didn't see that one coming, did you? Anyone who makes, "to-do" lists knows, if you let that one item just linger on the list it stresses you out well beyond any other progress you've made in other areas. It's like listening to a pledge drive if you haven't donated. So, if you still haven't mailed in your ballot, do that today and cross it off your list. (If that doesn't do it, you can phone bank for your candidate.)

2. A Day at the Spa (or at least part of a day).

I'm always hearing women talk about the Olympus Day Spa in Lynnwood but I wonder if people realize there's a spa in Greenwood, too and it's open until 10PM! Ladywell's Vitality Spa and Sauna is calling your name. Put the kids to bed and take some time for you. For only $36 you can move at your own pace through the pools, dry sauna and more. While we're here, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my very favorite Scandinavian Baths in Whistler, Scandinave.

3. A Little Mindfulness Never Hurt Anyone.

Studies show that meditation and gratitude increase overall happiness. We've heard it all before, but getting started just seems like too much to do. Help is on the way with the Headspace app, which helps you ease your way into the practice of meditation when the time is right for you and the 5 minute Journal that actually does only take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. I've been truly surprised at the impact that journal has had on my mood throughout the day. We can all use a little gratitude right now. 

 Mara Jumpsuit. Anthropologie. $280.

4. Let Your Fanciest Outfit Make Your Plans For You.

Too often we buy a dress for a specific occasion and when we do, there's lots of anxiety involved in the process. Holiday dresses are out now. Instead of feeling like you don't have anywhere to wear a cocktail dress or dreading the places you "need" a dress for, why not let the dress drive your plans? Head out on a leisurely shopping trip and let yourself be lured in by a "fancy" outfit, dress or jumpsuit that you wouldn't normally buy. Now, buy it. Then what? Make a plan. Where could you wear this? Scan the interweb for upcoming events, make reservations at that restaurant you've always talked about, reaquaint yourself with the local art scene. Do it. I promise you'll be glad you did.

5. Play. 

If you've got a kid or two in the vicinity, take 10 minutes and just go play. If you don't that shouldn't stop you. Try indoor skydiving or laser tag. Go to a comedy show. Try laughing yoga. In short, do something that makes you laugh. 

6. Get Ready for Retail Therapy.

It's true. Retail therapy can be a nice reprieve. If you are gearing up for some shopping, make sure you are on the Poplin email list. Every other Friday a Poplin on Point email goes out. It includes the best deals from our favorite retailers. Why subscribe to so many retailer emails when we can handle that for you? The next one goes out tomorrow!

 That's Natalie! Don't you feel healthier just looking at this photo?

7. Work with a Health Coach.

I recently discovered Natalie Joffee. She's a nutritionist who seems to have an approach that is similar to mine, only she's all about health. The focus is not on weight loss, in fact that may or may not even be part of your health goals. Simply identify what the healthy future you looks like and she'll help get you there. This could include meditation, exercise, stress reduction, nutrition, sleep, the list goes on. I'm a fan.

 One outfit photo from a client who is confident, timeless, fun, approachable. I choose items from her closet and show in one photo that any of these pieces work with all the other items in the photo. Whether you are figuring out what to wear today or what to pack on a trip, you are set to go. And, your gallery is accessible on your computer or mobile device.

 Same client, more outfits! One session results in 20 or more photos.

8. Work with Poplin.

Yup. I said it. Yesterday, I met with a new client and she described her clothing struggles like this, "when I go shopping it's either Miley Cyrus or Janet Reno. I am neither." 

Who is? If you'd like to know what to buy when you walk into a store and what not to buy, Poplin's online personal profile can help. Your personal profile is included with any service. If you'd like to feel like your closet is a boutique curated just for you, the Closet Edit is your jam. Want to feel confident everyday that your clothes exude your true authentic personal style and are appropriate for your job and your life? A shopping trip is in order. If you are looking for that experience but don't have the time to shop or would like more options that are available outside Seattle, an Uber Wishlist is the way to go. And if you are tired of struggling with what to wear each day, wouldn't photos of outfits directly from your closet make your life easier? Dare I say, yes, they would. 

If the election has got you down, take it as an opportunity to let Poplin help lift you back up. I can't help but think of Michelle Obama's quote right now, but it seems like a step too far....... Nope, I'm doing it: When they go low, you go high. Time to call for that consultation.