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Seattle Sunday: Swopboard Lets You Sell Your Stuff & Help A School

Remember when Craigslist wasn't creepy? 

Yeah, those were the days. 

If only there was a way to sell things to people in your very own neighborhood AND help out a local school, perhaps even YOUR kid's school. I am excited to share with you, Dear Reader, that such a place does exist. Thanks to the interweb and a small crew of dedicated folks right here in Seattle. 

I'm appreciative of my good friends at the Recology Store in Issaquah who first clued me in on Swopboard. As it turns out, boutiques like Veouria are on board, too. More on that to come.

It's especially fun to share Seattle Sunday posts that highlight local brands or people that have managed to make an impact on the rest of the country. Swopboard is in the process of becoming one of those companies. Although, I get the feeling if YOU embraced them, they'd go even further. 

In the words of the team: SwopBoard is an online marketplace to buy, sell and give back to local schools. Transactions involve users who share similar lifestyles - people in your school and neighborhood communities - which increases the chances of finding the right buyer and purchasing what you really need.


Here's What YOU Need to Know About Swopboard.

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Seattle Sunday: Velouria. I Can't Get Enough.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for some time or follow Poplin on social media, (FacebookInstagram & Twitter) you've undoubtedly witnessed my enthusiasm for Ballard's own- Velouria. As a personal stylist, I've had much success with clients in the shop. Stocked with items made in America and Canada with special love given to makers from the Northwest, the shop is authentic, endearing and fashionable, just like the Velouria team. I'm THRILLED to give you a peek into the world of Velouria. Want to hear more? Make sure you are signed up for the Poplin e-newsletter. The complete interview will be included in an upcoming email. 

Just a Few Reasons I Adore Velouria, and You Will, Too.

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