Seattle Sunday: Swopboard Lets You Sell Your Stuff & Help A School

 Meme Cloud Pants. SwopBoard exclusive brand. Swopboard. $58. $4.83 to a school.

Remember when Craigslist wasn't creepy? 

Yeah, those were the days. 

If only there was a way to sell things to people in your very own neighborhood AND help out a local school, perhaps even YOUR kid's school. I am excited to share with you, Dear Reader, that such a place does exist. Thanks to the interweb and a small crew of dedicated folks right here in Seattle. 

I'm appreciative of my good friends at the Recology Store in Issaquah who first clued me in on Swopboard. As it turns out, boutiques like Veouria are on board, too. More on that to come.

It's especially fun to share Seattle Sunday posts that highlight local brands or people that have managed to make an impact on the rest of the country. Swopboard is in the process of becoming one of those companies. Although, I get the feeling if YOU embraced them, they'd go even further. 

In the words of the team: SwopBoard is an online marketplace to buy, sell and give back to local schools. Transactions involve users who share similar lifestyles - people in your school and neighborhood communities - which increases the chances of finding the right buyer and purchasing what you really need.


Here's What YOU Need to Know About Swopboard.


 BLK PINE WORKSHOP Tote. Seattle based company. Swopboard. $75. $6.48 to a school.

1. Founded in Seattle, Swopboard allows you to sell your items to local folks.

Narrow your focus to people in your neighborhood or select several nearby neighborhoods. The idea is that these people will also have similar values. Specifically, they want to support local schools, just like you do. In theory, that makes them less creepy:)

2. At least 10% of every item sold goes to the school of your choice. 

Even pre-schools. Even private schools. Even your child's school. 

3. 10% isn't enough? Give more!

Sellers have the opportunity to give as much as they'd like to local schools. That means that as a seller you aren't limited to giving 10%. This makes me especially happy. After all, it feels good to give more and it certainly has an impact. 

4. Shop your favorite boutiques.

So maybe you are up for selling on Craiglist, eBay and the like; but you prefer to buy new pieces from boutiques. Swopboard makes this possible. Shop local boutiques like Velouria, Silvae or the Seattle Design Foundation. Or, expose your child to minimalism with Meme kids clothing. Every purchase from any boutique through Swopboard ensures 10% goes to a school. 

 Two in the Hand Wallet by Job and Boss Seattle boutique Velouria via Swopboard. $85.41.$7.49 to a school.

5. It's all PayPall all the time.

Remember that part about avoiding shady folks? The beauty of Swopboard is that everything is done via PayPal to avoid last minute negotiations because someone doesn't happen to have the correct change. I don't love PayPal. But, I do appreciate the opportunity to negotiate with sellers and take care of the money via your computer or mobile device. Remember, there's a 3% fee for PayPal and a sales fee from Swopboard, too. So, keep that in mind when you are preparing to sell on the site. 

5. It's a Desirable Alternative.

Tired of buying loads of wrapping paper that you don't need from your child's school? Advocating for the community to use Swopboard is an ideal way for schools to raise funds without having to sell things you don't need. Worse case scenario, Swopboard can supplement the fundraising efforts your school is already using. Or, if you are looking to spread the word about your school's specific needs, that can also be done easily on the site. 

All it takes is one or two advocates to get the word out at your local PTA meeting, school club or just chatting with neighbors. If you would be interested but aren't sure where to start, not to worry. Swopboard offers everything you need to help you become a Champion. 

 Silvae Isotria dress. Seattle Based Company. Swopboard. $429.24. $40.84 to a school.

6. Swopboard cultivates community

Yes, the site offers you the ability to buy and sell with parents in your very own neighborhood. For individuals that are looking for a deeper connection, the lifestyle blog includes tips about parenting, fundraising and more. 


From the ability to zoom photos of items you are considering for purchase to tips on how to become a Swopboard advocate in your community- the Swopboard team is obviously a thoughtful group. And, as a young Seattle startup, it looks like all they need is to get the word out. (Although they are already in 48 states!) So, please take the time to share via social media and word of mouth. A click or two could mean big money to a local school.


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