My Top 10 Favorite Things Right Now

 TomboyX Briefs. TomboyX. $14.

As you can imagine, I spend an extraordinary amount of time shopping. Shopping for me, for clients, for friends, for imaginary people (see the Poplin Pinterest boards for evidence). When it comes time to write blog posts, I struggle with narrowing it down. After all, there is so much to share! 

Therefore, every once in a while I decide that the only just thing to do, the only course of action that ensures that I'm giving you the level of service you desire, is to give you a laundry list of all my favorite things right now. Perhaps some of them are your favorites, too? My hope is that you'll find something new and exciting. Enjoy!

My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

 TC Wonderful Edge Briefs. Available in multiple colors, patterns. Nordstrom. $16.

1. High-waisted underwear

Believe it. I've really been in the zone with high-waisted bikini bottoms for clients who'd like to smooth things out on the bottom half. The joy of high-waisted bottoms is their ability to channel a retro vibe while ensuring you will not have a muffin top. Success! I'm really into TC Edge underwear. Not only do they have high-waisted options, but they also have grippers on the inside to ensure things don't move during the day. No need for shapers if your underwear does the job.

Worried about a grandma vibe? Pair with a lower cut bra that does not provide full coverage on top. Alternatively, go for the boy shorts or high cut options. 

 High Waist Shorts. Zara. $59.90.

2. Ankle boots with shorts

For me, it's all ankle boot all the time this fall. Expect a future post on the myriad ways you can rock ankle boots. Until then, just know that I can't get enough of ankle boots with mid thigh length (or shorter) shorts. Even better — throw a coat into the mix as the cold weather re-enters the picture. If you attempt this look, think of your shorts as a mini skirt. That means that a higher heel is pretty racy unless you are balancing out with full coverage (think loose fitting tee or chambray shirt) up top. 

 Leith Drape Front Duster Cardigan. Available in charcoal, olive. Nordstrom. $78.

3. Duster cardigans

I feel like we've all been wearing cardigans for so long that after a while, they just aren't as fun anymore. Luckily, there are lots of casual jackets hitting the scene for more variety in your closet. But, we're about to see a drastic change with cardigans as ankle length cardigans come back on the scene. I'm a big fan of vegan leggings, ankle boots and a form-fitting long tee with a duster cardigan. Or, try a shift dress. Most importantly, don't let the long look swallow you whole. Show your figure with the pieces underneath. After all, you've got curves — show them off!

 Flower District Jumpsuit. Anthropologie. $168.

4. The perfect jumpsuit

This is a never-ending quest for me. I recently found my favorite jumpsuit for summer at Anthropologie. I've been obsessing over the various types of jumpsuits and what works best on each body type. Another blog post is on the docket for that. Until then, word to the wise: a print helps camouflage so don't be afraid to be bold. 

 Thinkbaby Sunscreen SPF 50+ benefitting LIVESTRONG. Amazon. $13.19.

 Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 50 Loose Mineral Powder Protection Sunscreen Brush - Medium Matte. Cake SkinCare. $62.

5. Natural sunscreen with zinc

Man, it's challenging to find sunscreen that is not filled with chemicals. And after my visit with skincare guru, Katrina Rising, owner of Cake Skincare in Queen Anne, I'm even more aware of the importance of continuously protecting the whole family's skin from the sun and keeping chemicals to a minimum. Katrina also reminded me about a product I once loved and do again (thanks, Katrina!) — translucent powder with SPF. It's a great way to keep the shine away and protect your skin. Katrina's genius tip: Neglected to put sunscreen on your hands or arms only to feel the sun heating up your skin as you drive? Just grab your translucent powder with SPF and dust it across the sun exposed skin until you can put proper sunscreen on. I told you she's awesome.

 Esprit Wisen Trilby Hat. ASOS. $56.11.

6. Hats

Speaking of my 24/7 sunscreen protection plan, I'm all about hats. The difference between shielding yourself from the sun now and a couple of years ago is that hats are back. That's right. You can finally feel comfortable wearing a fedora or a floppy hat, well, anywhere. I like to keep an extra hat in each car with a bottle of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. No need to spend a fortune. H&M, Target and the like offer a wide variety of options for your head during the summer. 

Naturally, I'm thinking about fall, as well. So, here's a sneak peek into my approach to cool weather hats. Incidentally, if you have fond memories of Esprit, you may be saddened to learn that there are no longer Esprit stores in the US. Despite being founded in San Francisco (once home to my beloved Esprit Outlet), Esprit stores are now only available to the traveling American. 

 TomboyX 3 Pack Briefs. TomboyX. $38.

7. TomboyX briefs

Yes, I am mentioning underwear twice in one post. That's how close we are, you and I, Dear Reader. Ever since I visited the TomboyX showroom in SODO, I've been telling the world about the brand's welcome approach to dressing, you guessed it, tomboys. Naturally, a Seattle Sunday post is in the works to tell you more about this refreshing approach to clothes. Until then, check out their super hip branded underwear. Love these as a gift or as part of your summer PJ set. Add a ribbed tee and you are cool and comfortable. 

8. Chambray shirt

If you don't have one yet, you still need one. It coordinates with everything. Use it now as a bathing suit cover up or in the fall layered under a sweater. Wondering what shirt you can pair with all these synthetic pants (vegan leather, neoprene, etc.)? Opt for the soft cotton basic that a chambray provides. While they are seemingly everywhere, it takes time to find just the right one for you. After all, you'll likely be wearing it quite a bit. So take your time.

 M-61 Power Glow Peel. Available in multiple sizes. Bluemercury. $28/ 10 treatments.

9. M-61 Power Glow Peel

If you read my post about Bluemercury, you probably know how much I love their M-61 line of all-natural products. I've mentioned the Power Glow Peel before. Since then, I've discovered that it also works magic on breakouts below the neck. So, if you are one of those women who break out on your shoulders, back, etc., this might be your answer. Similar to a wet wipe, each one is individually wrapped. I find they are large enough to cut into two and use on separate days. 

 Pleated Culottes. COS Stores. $125.

10. Wide leg pants & cullottes

It's hard to think about pants when it is so beautiful outside. But, I'm especially excited to see the resurgence of wide leg pants and jeans. The fit for a triangle body shape is glorious and a pair of wide leg white pants is classy beyond compare.

 Bath Towel. Multiple colors available. H&M. $12.95.

11. H&M Home.

Okay, I couldn't help myself. Did you know that you can now order H&M home items off the H&M website? We purchased a number of items from H&M home in Scandinavia in the spring, including some adorable items for our son's room. Say hello to hip and affordable housewares.


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