Seattle Sunday: Velouria. I Can't Get Enough.

 Amanda shows off a Dusen Dusen sleeveless top in front of the store on Market Street in Ballard. Photos by  Selena Kearney.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for some time or follow Poplin on social media, (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) you've undoubtedly witnessed my enthusiasm for Ballard's own- Velouria. As a personal stylist, I've had much success with clients in the shop. Stocked with items made in America and Canada with special love given to makers from the Northwest, the shop is authentic, endearing and fashionable, just like the Velouria team. I'm THRILLED to give you a peek into the world of Velouria. Want to hear more? Make sure you are signed up for the Poplin e-newsletter. The complete interview will be included in an upcoming email. 

Just a Few Reasons I Adore Velouria, and You Will, Too.

 Store owners, Chika and Cat.

1. The People. 

While Velouria has been around since 2004, Cat and Chika purchased the store in 2012. Amanda rounds out the team as the store manager in addition to her success as a jewelry designer. I asked Cat and Chika how the store has changed since they took over.

C&C: We continue to focus on independent designers; however we've definitely undergone an aesthetic shift. What used to be more of a DIY aesthetic is now more polished and Velouria reflects that general trend in our choice of new designers. 

 Various handmade pieces of jewelry are organized by small leather straps Chika made to attach to pegboard. It's the little things.

2. The Point of View.

Poplin: You two bring such a unique perspective. What are your backgrounds and how do they relate to the shop?

Cat: I've been around small businesses my entire life, which has given me an appreciation for independent design and the process of making. I actually really enjoy production work and want the greater population to understand the value of what it means for something to be made by hand. Additionally, I've always been really cognizant of fashion and wanting to wear things that no one else was wearing. In high school it meant shopping at thrift shops. In college, it meant making my own clothes and now, it means I get to wear pieces by people who do a much better job of designing clothes than I ever could. 

Chika: I studied product design in art school and have always been a maker. I've had multiple perspectives in relation to the shop. Before becoming an owner, I was a new maker with a lot of energy and underpriced work, then a young and broke twenty something with a boyfriend who shopped for me at Velouria. Now,  I'm a more experienced maker with a fairly set product line and a new(ish) mom who is figuring out how to be style conscious and somewhat practical. 

3. The Products.

All this talk about American and Canadian makers should already be an indication that when you set foot in Velouria, you won't find items that you have seen somewhere else. Whether you are interested in vintage inspired swimsuits, beautiful and timeless jewelry, or bold prints, the shop does not disappoint. With an emphasis on dresses and high quality accessories, you can feel confident that you'll have each piece for years. Furthermore, Cat and Chika take great pains to keep their orders small. After all, they say, they like the idea that someone would be able to buy a piece and not see it on a friend or co-worker. Mighty thoughtful, indeed. 

 The dress, the bag and of course, the shoes from ReSoul.

4. The Values.

Part of the shop local phenomena is having the opportunity to live your values through your purchases and be a part of a community. Not only do the ladies of Velouria limit inventory to items made in America and Canada, they also take any opportunity to support other businesses in the community. For instance, when I received a swag bag from the DIGS opening, of course it included a coupon from Velouria. (P.S. If you are getting married, please tell me you are registered at DIGS.)

At our recent photo shoot, the team had already seized this opportunity to help another Ballard shop, ReSoul, promote it's inaugural shoe line by rocking them in the photos. And, given an opportunity to reach out to Poplin readers, they chose to take this opportunity to support YouthCare. That means that every time you purchase something at the shop between now and May 31st, simply mention Poplin or list, "Poplin" as the discount code online and 10% of your purchase will go to YouthCare's work to end youth homelessness. 

Interested in learning more and supporting YouthCare? Swing by Velouria in Ballard, shop online and plan to see us there on Saturday, June 14th for the very first Poplin/ Justin Marx Photography event at Velouria. 


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