Seattle Sunday: Poplin Wraps Up 2014 in Pictures

I always enjoy the last few days of each year. Sure, every day is an opportunity to reevaluate your choices, but for those of us who are all about check lists, this is a nice reminder to keep us on track. 

 Looking for high quality American made vintage and pre-loved pieces? The Citizen is your girl. Here I am in March sharing some of my favorite vintage pieces. I bought that cape from her!

For me, 2014 was a monumental year. Although Poplin Style Direction launched in October of last year, 2014 marks the first full calendar year for the business. The year was filled with an array of partnerships with local businesses including TomboyX, re-SouL, VelouriaVixen Day Spa & Boutique, Lash Factory , Citizen Rosebud and many others.

 Client Ritzy shows that your clothes can be functional and fashionable simultaneously.

I had the opportunity to share helpful information and thoughtful guidance from people I thought you might enjoy hearing from. Jordan Richardson contributes regularly on fashionable solutions for the plus size woman. Local eight grader Zoya shared her advice on the perfect gift certificates for girls her age. Equally exciting were contributions from summer intern Ellie Emoto and an interview with Bluemercury CEO Marla Malcolm Beck. A big year, indeed. 

Of course, we also filmed the very first Poplin promotional video (you'll get to see that in time for Valentine's Day.) And, most importantly, it was jam-packed with inspiring clients and very kind feedback. Naturally, we'll be photographing more clients in the coming year.

I always get so excited to share client stories with the world, I thought you might be interested in an example:

A New Yorker (yes, I have remote clients) who is 5' 1". She's athletic (in fact, she's a professional athlete), a documentary producer, a pilates instructor and an actress. She prefers to travel the city without a giant bag filled with clothes and needs to be able to go from a private client session to a meeting with investors. And of course, she needs comfortable yet stylish shoes. And, she has a little bit of an edge. The solution? This Uber Wishlist.

 The Freeman Seattle store right before guests arrive for the Poplin party.

Each client is like a puzzle and I have such a lovely time trying to figure out exactly the look she's going for and how to get her there. Good stuff all around.

Speaking of good stuff, thanks to all of you for your generous support of YouthCare's work to end youth homelessness. We're eternally grateful for the opportunity to style homeless and formerly homeless youth. And, Poplin will also be supporting F-Factor in 2015. F-Factor uses fashion as a tool to help foster kids. Read up. You'll love it! 

To celebrate this lovely year, we hosted a party at Freeman in Capitol Hill earlier this month. The room was filled with local makers, boutique owners, clients and friends. I wanted to share the photos with you, Dear Reader. I bet you'll recognize lots of faces from past blog posts, Instagram and Facebook. Perhaps we'll see you there next year. 

Enjoy the last days of 2014 and thanks VERY much for reading the blog and supporting Poplin. I appreciate it so much. 

Last but not least, you still have a few days to take the Lash Factory up on the offer for $100 off the BAM! Full Mink set of lash extensions. That's a crazy savings. And when you support Poplin on social media and subscribe to the newsletter, you'll be entered to win a FREE pair of shoes or boots of your choice from the re-souL Collection. We'll announce the winner on New Year's Day. Good stuff for all.