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The Perfect Pieces for Your Body Type from Anthropologie's New Plus Size Line

The average size for an American woman is between size 12 and 16, depending on the source. It’s common for brands to cap out at 12 or 14. As a personal stylist for women, I see how hard this is for real women. Who wants to discover that changes in her body mean that she can no longer shop at her favorite retailers or from her favorite brands? And when she’s an Anthro fan, it’s even more challenging because, let’s face it, there are very few, if any, retailers that really compete with Anthropologie.

So, I was ELATED when I discovered Anthro’s new plus size collection. Size 16-26 is available RIGHT NOW. So get on over and check it out. Here are a few of my favs based on your body type. Remember, defining your personal style is essential to feeling great about how you look. If you already know that Anthro’s vibe speaks to you, this post is for you! And hey, if you are looking for sizes below 16, not to worry. These pieces are inclusive and some also are available in petite!

How to Dress Your Body With Anthropologie’s New Plus Size Line

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Get Your Shopping On.

Things are crazy in Poplin-land right now. Why? You ask. It is full blown summer. That means that when a new client is ready to transform her look, she's also ready to do it quickly before her upcoming vacation. It's all adrenaline all the time. And, what type of adrenaline could be more satisfying than that associated with shopping? For me, none.

But there are additional factors that make this a special time to pay attention. As your very own personal stylist, it is only right that I share this news with you, Dear Reader, just in case you missed it. 


Reasons to Shop Right NOW.

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