Seattle Sunday: Winslow Handmade Ties & Pocket Squares

 Winslow Handmade bowtie. Winslowties. $45.

This post has been in the works for months and I am THRILLED to finally be able to share with you, Dear Reader, what I've been telling every person I come in contact with: my love of Winslow

I initially heard about Winslow from our good friends at Freeman Seattle (check out the recent post featuring Freeman or the site with new jackets for women). Shortly afterward, I saw one of the ties at Velouria and I was hooked. The brainchild of two bright, energetic and thoughtful women, Winslow makes one-of-a-kind handmade neckties, bow ties and pocket squares from reclaimed fabrics. Each one is unique and impeccably made. 

They are inspirational. More than a tie or a pocket square, Winslow offers transformation. 

5 Ways that a Piece from Winslow Can Be Used to Alter the Course of Your Life

 It's a family affair. One of the Winslow husbands shows off the benefits of knowing someone who makes ties from reclaimed fabrics.

1. Reminding your dad that you love him.

Sarah and Jamie, the gurus behind the brand, seek out items at used clothing stores and make every piece themselves right here in Seattle. That means that each tie is unlike any other. If you have a tie-wearing dad, he's sure to love those that reference another time in his life, or even better, a time that the two of you shared. Camped a lot as a kid? How about a piece made from a plaid flannel shirt? Or reference one of his favorite pastimes with a print tie or pocket square. And, don't worry that the ties will be over the top or tacky. They never are. Bold or unusual prints can also be used for the back of the tie, noticeable only to the fella wearing it.

 Winslow necktie. $88.

Life altering effect: Your exceptionally thoughtful gesture will make your dad so happy that he's sure to do one of the following: (a) hop on a plane tomorrow to visit, (b) offer to watch the grandkids while you have a date night, (c) have a heart-to-heart with you letting you know how much you mean to him, or (d) finally wear a new tie to the office. 

2. Commemorating a special occasion.

 Up close and personal. Loving linen bow ties for warmer weather. Winslow ties. $45.

Winslow also offers custom made ties. You supply the item, they make the tie from that piece. This is life changing, why? Well, for instance, our niece has her bat mitzvah coming up this fall. I've requested that her mom send over a dress that she is no longer using. Then, I'm asking Winslow to use that dress to make one tie for her dad and one for her grandfather for the big day. I think it will mean a lot to her and to them. 

Life altering effect: Someone important to you will have a keepsake for years and years because of you. Every time he or she looks at it, they'll be reminded of you and your thoughtfulness. Don't get me started about the joy of the next generation who will inherit said item.

3. Perfecting your wedding day.

If you or someone you know is getting married anytime soon, you MUST check out Winslow. Not only can you custom-order ties for the groom and all the groomsmen, you could also take this opportunity to use a fabric that has personal significance for the bride and groom. What about an old tie that belonged to a family member? Maybe one of you is especially creative and would enjoy designing your own fabric. Do it! Then, send along the fabric to Winslow for pocket squares. What could be more perfect to dry wedding tears? 

 Chambray with a bow tie? Yes!  Winslow.  $45.

Life altering effect: You'll be married. What could be more life altering than that? 

4. Giving the fella in your life something extra special.

After reading about custom options, I'm sure you can come up with zillions of ways to take advantage of items that have personal significance. Another avenue is to embrace the existing selection. For example, I bought my husband his first bow tie about two years ago. Despite wearing a necktie to work most days, shifting to a bow tie is a pretty significant style shift and he seemed uneasy about making the change. So, he didn't. Getting a new tie from Winslow (that he LOVES) illustrated that I think he can rock a bow tie. Never underestimate how much your opinion matters to your spouse when it comes to clothing, hair, adornment of any type. When you say, "it looks awesome" it means something. 

Of course, these are also a dreamy anniversary gift. 

Life altering effect: He'll feel so good about his new job that he'll be ready to try something new, building more confidence and filling your house with joy. He'll decide to purchase a style package for you, so you can feel equally pampered and appreciated. Sunshine and flowers will shower you wherever you go.

5. Reminding you what it feels like to save and to win.

I don't know about you, but the rush that comes from saving money or winning something is really unbeatable. The generous folks at Winslow are sharing a 10% discount during the month of June with Poplin readers. Huzzah! Simply enter the code "Poplin" when you make your purchase. Want to see the ties in person? Most Sundays you'll find a Winslow table at the Fremont Market (you can get the discount there, too!) Or, if you choose your tie while visiting Velouria during the month of May, 10% of your purchase goes to YouthCare. 

Even better, you could win! Sign up to receive Poplin emails and you'll be entered into the drawing for a Winslow tie. Good luck!

Life altering effect: Once you've experienced the thrill of saving on a locally handmade product that is recycled, and therefore considerate of the next generation, you'll find yourself saving on other things, too. The next thing you know, you'll find cash in your pockets, coins on the ground and a bank account that you forgot about. All of this will result in a luxurious vacation because, as a saver and a winner, you deserve it. 


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