Happy Bike To Work Day. Time to Get Dressed.

 Hovding. Available in Europe.

Hello Dear Reader. Happy Bike To Work Day! I recently learned that Davis, CA has one of the highest percentage of cyclists per capita in the country at 19%. I must admit, I'm strangely proud of Davis as I'm originally from Vacaville, only 20 minutes from bicycle central. In fact, one of my sisters lives there and bikes everywhere with her daughter right behind. As you can imagine, I've always associated Davis with biking, Recycled Records (now defunct) and a strange law they used to have that stated you could only smoke on the street if you were moving. While I'm not a smoker nor much of a biker, I took note. 

In honor of this special day and the thousands of people who bike to work each day in our city (hello, Dexter Avenue!), I thought you might enjoy some fashionable options for cyclists from your very own personal stylist. 

Tips for the Stylish Cyclist

 The Analyzer by Rozik. Rozik. $119.

1. If you are a man, try these pants.

 Lululemon Here to There Pant. Available in cadet blue, black. Lululemon. $118.

Rozik makes clothes for the active set and I'm a fan of these pants that are great for work and for your ride on the way there. The pocket tabs can be tucked in to reveal reflective fabric and the leg tabs and buttons help keep your pants clear of bicycle chains without tucking your pant leg into your socks. After all, men are opting for no show socks (meaning you don't see them inside your shoe) as the weather gets warmer and it's desirable to avoid a wrinkled leg when you arrive at the office. 

2. If you are a woman, try these pants.

While I don't bike, I do appreciate a pant that allows me to walk around Greenlake without wearing sweatpants. I bought last season's version of these pants from Lululemon and have been a fan ever since. This season's tuxedo design is even more fashion forward and allows you to ride to the office in comfort while being safe and looking hot. I hesitate to include them in the post as Lululemon seems to always be low on inventory. But, bringing them to your attention now means that you'll know where to look when you need a hip pant that is also functional. In case you haven't noticed, there's now a Lululemon store in Alderwood Mall. Huzzah!

 Hovding. Available in Europe.

3.  If you like cool stuff, watch this video of the invisible and fashionable bike helmet

Man, woman, animal, we can all benefit from this baby. (Although, you need to be in Europe to find a retailer.)

I can never get enough of this video. Never. And, if you haven't seen it, you are in for a special treat. Let's hear it for female entrepreneurs!


4. Donate your old bike.

Bike Works in Columbia City is always in need of more bikes, parts and accessories to support its work to promote bicycling as a clean and healthy transportation alternative. Over the past 4 years a partnership between Recology (formerly Cleanscapes) and Bike Works has resulted in 5,984 bikes to be put to better use in the community. Seriously. Have a bike sitting in the garage that isn't being used or other gear that could be helpful? Take a look at the site and see if you can help. 


5. Keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool.

Take it from Jason Alexander and McDonalds, separating temperatures is a good thing. I'm a big fan of these very stylish wet bags. Use them for swimsuits, yoga clothes, your gym outfit, whatever. Anytime you want to separate your dirty items from your designer handbag, this is the way to go. The colors and prints keep your overall look elevated, regardless of your activity. 

 Wet bathing suit bag. Ame and Lulu. $28.

Whether you ride your bike, a trike or are just taking a stroll, there are always ways to feel good about how you look and maintain an active lifestyle that doesn't dictate you live in yoga pants. 


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