I Can't Stop Talking About....

 Chloe Platform mule by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Available in white, black. (I have white with the black sole.) Solestruck. Was: $399.95 Now: $136.46.

I'm often asked, "what are you into right now?"

My current list of obsessions is especially lengthy. Usually, I like to spread them out over various blog posts. But, when I'm excited about so many things, I find it challenging to hold off on sharing. So, here you go. Hopefully, you'll find some inspiration here, too!

My Favorite Things Right Now.

1. Bold prints.

 Adorable Leona at her very first Clothing Swap to benefit YouthCare. I'm rocking my new  Marimekko  dress and wooden necklace from the outlet in Helsinki. Yes, I am freaked out about the keys near her mouth.

It is no secret that I recently visited the Marimekko outlet in Helsinki, Finland. I've always loved bold prints and as the sun comes out, I shift from black leather to bright geometric shapes, window pane, stripes and even vintage floral prints.

2. The Stone Roses.

 In case you haven't seen your CD cover in years.....

Seriously, a month or so ago I rediscovered the album and it has been on repeat ever since. The perfect precursor to our trip, I heard that this year is the 20th anniversary of the record. What luck! Now, I'm convinced they'll go on tour to commemorate the milestone.

3. Messy hair.

All that time with the flat iron has caused me to rebel. I'm back to my love of messy, beach-inspired hair. The longer the better.

4. Straw hats.

 Striped Ampato hat. Anthropologie. $38.

With the sun shining, it's back to stylish sun protection. Whether it is a fedora or a big floppy beach hat, I can't get enough of glamorous ways to protect the skin.

5. Glamorous Comfort Shoes.

Specifically, I'm all about insane clogs and patent Birkenstocks. When we left the edgy Eastern Bloc inspired Helsinki for Scandanavia, I was on a mission to find white clogs. What? I know. But I became convinced that a white pair of clogs would be a nod to simple Scandinavian design and look incredible with distressed boyfriend jeans rolled up to show off my ankles. (I think about these things in my sleep, by the way.) So off we went. Sadly, we didn't find the shoes of my dreams. However, I was THRILLED to find the perfect pair for me from Solestruck. (That was such an extraordinary tale that you'll hear all about it in a future post.) I've included a photo of them at the top of the post. LOVE. 

 Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed leather sandal. Available in silver metallic, gold metallic. (Mine are black patent leather). Nordstrom. $129.95.

6. The Anti-Skinny.

 Rules of Etiquette Grid pattern wrap detail crop pants. Nordstrom. $58.

Lately I wonder if I've run my course with skinny jeans. For the last several months I've been all about leather or pleather pants that are either tapered or leggings. Now, I just love anything that shows off a woman's ankles. But, for me, I'm taking a break from the skinnies. In fact, I just donated several pair to YouthCare. And, as I adore window pane so much, you can imagine my love of the track pants pictured in the right column. 

7. Spring Cleaning.

Traveling, a change in seasons, a natural desire to simplify, who knows the ultimate inspiration but we've been on a major spring cleaning endeavor. In fact, I just did my own closet edit. Two more suitcases for YouthCare, more room in my closet and the feeling that everyday I'll be wearing something that makes me feel like myself. 

8. False eyelashes.

 Andrea Strip Lashes starter kit #45. Amazon. $11.90.

Leave it to the ladies of YouTube to make sure you know how to do something that seemed just crazy before watching the video. Based on the advice of a good friend (and frequent rockstar in false eyelashes), I got a pair at the drugstore to try them out. What an incredible difference! And, you simply add olive oil to remove them. Easy!

9. M-61.

Ever since my experience with the gurus at Bluemercury, I've been using my new stash of products. The transformation has been remarkable and unexpected. After all, how much better can one product be than another? Ha! Rookie words. My skin feels so much smoother and the lines around my eyes are much less noticeable. I used to think of skincare as a need to, now I think of it as a want to. Oh dear, another passion.....

 These are my favorites. I've also included Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF 20. I use it everyday when the sun comes out. Perfect for summer!

10. Shorts.

My son once asked me if the woman on the restroom sign at Ikea was me. "Why?" I asked. "Because you always wear dresses," he replied. Well, not lately. This new love for shorts has sent me in an entirely new direction. I'm especially excited about crocheted shorts, leather shorts and any opportunity to pair shorts with an oversized top and those glamorous Birks. Worried about a muffin top? Go with the high waisted option. 

 Topshop Lola High Waist faux leather shorts. Nordstrom. $60.

So, there you have it. The long list of things my husband has been hearing me talk about for the last couple of months. Perhaps one of them will peak your interest. Or, maybe you have other suggestions? Do tell.

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