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How Do I Wear Birkenstocks and Look Fashionable?

I thought we'd start today's post with the most popular topic of conversations at my recent happy hours, Birkenstocks. 

Apparently, it's a very big deal that I purchased a pair. Let me be clear. Happy feet make for a happy life. But, ugly shoes don't make for a happy life. So the key is to find shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. That, Dear Reader, is totally possible. And, not just with Birkenstocks.

Three years ago I would not have suggested your run out and get yourself the mother of all comfort brands. But, Birks have jumped straight from the feet of hippies to runways on their journey to your local Nordstrom. If you aren't already, you'll likely be jumping on this trend soon. 

How Do I Wear the new hip Birkenstocks?

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I Can't Stop Talking About....

I'm often asked, "what are you into right now?"

My current list of obsessions is especially lengthy. Usually, I like to spread them out over various blog posts. But, when I'm excited about so many things, I find it challenging to hold off on sharing. So, here you go. Hopefully, you'll find some inspiration here, too!

My Favorite Things Right Now.


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