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Your Downtown Retail Shopping Options Just Got Smaller…. sort of

Just because we have more cranes than any other major city in the country doesn’t mean that more amazing retail chains are moving in. All those cranes help facilitate a constantly changing city, which is a fun adventure until you drag yourself to a destination and discover it isn’t there anymore. As your very own personal stylist, I want to be sure your time is used efficiently. Here’s what you need to know.

Two Downtown Seattle Staples That Have Moved On

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Marimekko & Target?!

These are very happy times, Dear Reader. You likely know my complete adoration of all things Marimekko. For example, while standing outside the dressing room in the Marimekko outlet in Helsinki, Finland, I showed off my finds to my husband. He turned toward me and said, "I'm pretty sure the only reason we came to Finland was so you could come here."

Indeed. The purchase was on. 

You've likely seen me rocking Marimekko dresses, using the paper products and of don't get me started on the jewelry. Not sure? Whenever I'm wearing a crazy bold shapeless shift, it's likely I'm wearing Marimekko. So, when I heard the latest news from the Finnish brand, I had to share.

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I Can't Stop Talking About....

I'm often asked, "what are you into right now?"

My current list of obsessions is especially lengthy. Usually, I like to spread them out over various blog posts. But, when I'm excited about so many things, I find it challenging to hold off on sharing. So, here you go. Hopefully, you'll find some inspiration here, too!

My Favorite Things Right Now.


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