Marimekko & Target?!

These are very happy times, Dear Reader. You likely know my complete adoration of all things Marimekko. For example, while standing outside the dressing room in the Marimekko outlet in Helsinki, Finland, I showed off my finds to my husband. He turned toward me and said, "I'm pretty sure the only reason we came to Finland was so you could come here."

Indeed. The purchase was on. 

You've likely seen me rocking Marimekko dresses, using the paper products and of don't get me started on the jewelry. Not sure? Whenever I'm wearing a crazy bold shapeless shift, it's likely I'm wearing Marimekko. So, when I heard the latest news from the Finnish brand, I had to share.

Marimekko & Target Partner up for Spring 2016

"The limited-edition collection features playful, print-centric pieces that span outdoor décor, furniture, entertaining essentials as well as beach and swimwear and accessories for women and girls." You'll see over 200 products in stores next month. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you think!

P.S. Still not sure what it looks like? Here are some examples of my favorite Marimekko looks. 

 With the 2nd most adorable baby in the world. (Yes, I'm biased.)

 With my former intern and current Nordstrom corporate superstar, Ellie.

 At the  Combat Flip Flops  Shark Tank Premiere Party.

 With Mary from zTailors. Full disclosure that coat is Opening Ceremony and those boots are Chloe. Clearly, this outfits is the record holder for the most designer brands I've ever worn simultaneously.

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