The Week of Poplin Dreams.

Woah. Welcome to a spectacular time in Poplin-land. I've been lucky enough to see SO many clients, friends, email subscribers and just all around inspiring people in the last five, count them, five days. If you follow Poplin on Facebook and Instagram, you've likely seen what I've been up to. If not, here's a fun recap. See if you recognize any of these folks. If not, start looking for them out in the world. They are a few of the generous and stylish people making the world look and feel better. Enjoy!

5 Days of Gloriousness.

(Is that a word? If not, it should be.)

1. The Spring Forward Event at the Limited. 

Folks on the Poplin email list were invited to an exclusive after hours shopping event at the Limited Southcenter on Sunday evening. Guests enjoyed 40% off everything in the store PLUS an additional 15% off thanks to the Poplin discount of the evening. (By the way, that 40% off is still going!) We also held two drawings for $50 gift cards to the Limited at the event. Additionally, one lucky person gets to choose between a $100 gift card with Poplin or a $50 gift card from the Limited. That lucky winner is (drumroll please) Jenny Richards! 

Sound like fun to you? Make sure you are signed up to receive special invitations and newsletters from Poplin. 

2. Finally, a male stylist to recommend!

I can't tell you how often I am asked to recommend a stylist for men. Until now, I haven't found, "the one." Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to sit down with Aldan from Turnstyle Sartorial. I'm a fan. If you are looking for a stylish and charming fella to style a man in your life, give Aldan a call. I also really enjoy his video on how to style a tie to get a feel for his personality and approach. Let me know what you think!

3. The 31st Annual YouthCare Luncheon.

You know how much I adore YouthCare. This year, homelessness has been big news in our city. YouthCare works to help youth between 12 and 24 stay off the streets. Poplin also partners with YouthCare to hold monthly styling sessions for homeless youth to help them have the tools to dress for job interviews. Poplin clients also generously donate clothing for these sessions and host clothing swaps for the same purpose. This year clients, friends and local small business owners all joined forces at the Poplin tables at this event. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to partner with this stellar organization and to be surrounded by unstoppable people working to change the world. 

Overall, these 5 days have been unbelievable. Why? Because I'm surrounded by really kind, thoughtful people who are always working to improve. Retail staff at Poplin events always comment on the clientele- relaxed, fun, kind- and this week I've been fortunate enough to see lots of them. So, thanks to all my clients. And, you, Dear Reader. Whether or not we've met in person, I'm going to assume that you are also really thoughtful, generous and willing to invest in yourself and someone else. I like you already.