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Happy Bike To Work Day. Time to Get Dressed.

Hello Dear Reader. Happy Bike To Work Day! I recently learned that Davis, CA has one of the highest percentage of cyclists per capita in the country at 19%. I must admit, I'm strangely proud of Davis as I'm originally from Vacaville, only 20 minutes from bicycle central. In fact, one of my sisters lives there and bikes everywhere with her daughter right behind. As you can imagine, I've always associated Davis with biking, (now defunct) Recycled Records and a strange law they used to have that stated you could only smoke on the street if you were moving. While I'm not a smoker nor much of a biker, I took note. 

In honor of this special day and the thousands of people who bike to work each day in our city (Hello Dexter!), I thought you might enjoy some fashionable options for cyclists from your very own personal stylist. 

Tips for the Stylish Cyclist

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