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Win a FREE Set of Lash Extensions ($250 Value!) From the Lash Factory

As a personal stylist for women, I spend my days offering tips and tricks to make lives easier. Who doesn't want the mornings to run more smoothly? Who isn't looking for easy ways to keep her style game elevated without having to try too hard? 

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Seattle Sunday: Ooo La La Lashes from the Lash Factory

Remember that day, so long ago, when you discovered what having your eyebrows waxed could do for your face? Or how about when you tried a shaper for the very first time? Or a push up bra? How much do you wish someone had told you years ago about the importance of sunscreen on your face?  

It's these unspoken truths that transform how we look and feel. And let me tell you, Dear Reader: lash extensions are your next addiction. 

What lash extensions from the Lash Factory did for me and what they can do for YOU.

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Seattle Sunday: Cake Skincare Just Upped My Game Substantially

A friend and client recently said the most extraordinary thing to me, "Wow. You have the most symmetrical eyebrows I've ever seen." First, I should point out that this client actually DOES have incredibly symmetrical eyebrows. You know the ones, with the beautiful arch. Yes, those. And, thanks to mother nature, I actually don't have them. 

Until now. 

If you read this blog with any regularity you've heard my seemingly endless praise of Katrina and the Cake Skincare team. I've been dying to write this blog post so that you, Dear Reader will have a glimpse of the transformation I've been experiencing since my first visit with owner, Katrina Rising. 

Cake: If You Can Get In, Get In Now.

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