Seattle Sunday: Cake Skincare Just Upped My Game Substantially

 Members of the Cake Skincare Team: (left) Office Manager Alexis Walsh and (right) Owner, Katrina Rising. Kelly Perez and Amber Westfall are not pictured.

A friend and client recently said the most extraordinary thing to me, "Wow. You have the most symmetrical eyebrows I've ever seen." First, I should point out that this client actually DOES have incredibly symmetrical eyebrows. You know the ones, with the beautiful arch. Yes, those. And, thanks to mother nature, I actually don't have them. 

Until now. 

If you read this blog with any regularity you've heard my seemingly endless praise of Katrina and the Cake Skincare team. I've been dying to write this blog post so that you, Dear Reader will have a glimpse of the transformation I've been experiencing since my first visit with owner, Katrina Rising. 

Cake: If You Can Get In, Get In Now.

 Katrina is checking out the progression of hair growth and talking me through our next steps. Who knew eyebrows could be so fun?

1. Eyebrows, eyelashes, skin, oh my.

If you can only purchase 1-2 pieces, purchase a great coat and a fashionable and functional pair of shoes. In my opinion, if you can only invest in 1-2 other things, invest in your eyebrows (especially in your youth) and your skin (especially as you age).

Your eyebrows frame your face. And, when you see a woman with beautiful eyebrows, you truly understand the impact they can have. I can hear you telling me that you don't have those and/or that you can't seem to find someone to help you get them. Personally, I'm constantly faced with aestheticians who prefer to take off more of my brow than I'd like. As we age, that hair becomes a hot commodity. 

Not to worry, Cake will get you there. (Have I mentioned that they sugar and do lashes, too?!) The skincare in this Upper Queen Anne private skincare and waxing studio is at an entirely new level. 

 Why has this never happened to me before? She uses cold glass to soothe my skin post waxing. That's my kind of waxing appointment.

2. Your very own expert.

If you are the type of gal that picks up one product here, another there and then ends up purchasing an entire line at a cosmetic counter only to discover that you are in way over your head, Cake is the place for you. On your first visit you bring in all of your products. That's right. Gather them up and bring them in. Kelly, Katrina or Amber will go through them and let you know what's working, what isn't and what ingredients you should be looking for. "I want my clients to understand what ingredients work for them, so if they move away, they still know how to take care of their skin," says Katrina.

The skincare version of the Poplin Closet Edit. You can see why I adore this crew. 

 My eyebrows are growing thanks to Katrina & Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. Cake Skincare. $150.

3. Hello Strategy.

I'm a huge fan of the long game. After all, when we are transforming your personal style, we aren't just putting together new clothes for one season then starting from scratch the next. The Cake team approaches skincare with the same attention to your long term needs.

As an example, Katrina explained the ultimate vision for my brows during our first consultation. She helped me understand where we'd like hair to grow, where we don't need to worry about it and how we would get there. 

A few things I learned about brows from the Cake team:

  • Start with Biotin and Omega 3s, they encourage hair growth. That includes your hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. (My son now checks to see that I've taken my, "hair vitamins" everyday. And, they work!)
  • Leave tweezing to the experts. After all, there's a grand plan.
  • Embrace hair growth product when the time is right. On my third visit, Katrina introduced me to Revitalash Advanced. It's unbelievable! I swipe it exactly where Katrina suggested each night and the hair growth is astonishing. 

 Ever wonder what it looks like when you get eyelash extensions? Here's Kelly showing off her meticulous skills.

4. Service, service, service.

At Poplin, it's all about the relationship. I want my clients to feel that they can text me with questions or let me know when they are struggling with specific pieces. After all, the goal is to educate, understand and support each client's personal style evolution. Cake has the same approach. 

Whether it is a text message reminding me that my appointment is coming up, prompt answers to random skincare questions I have or even hosting my son on the very rare occasion that he needs to accompany me to get my eyebrows done, they go above and beyond. From Katrina's perspective, "it's all about the client. So we invest in things that allow us to provide the highest level of service. We have an office manager, for instance, to make sure that our aestheticians can focus on the client and not administrative work." That's right. You can even order product directly from the online store. 

It's no wonder that it can be challenging to get in for an appointment. But, let me assure you, it's worth it. I've booked mine for the next few months just to be sure I get my fix.

I love writing these Seattle Sunday posts. It's always so enjoyable to share different makers, boutiques and really interesting people doing great things in our community. Plus, I want you, Dear Reader, to experience these things, as well. But, Cake is at an entirely new level. We approach our work from the same place. So, expect to see periodic tips from Katrina and the team in blog posts and the Poplin Style Direction Newsletter. There's so much to share! I can't wait for us to learn together. 


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