Win a FREE Set of Lash Extensions ($250 Value!) From the Lash Factory


As a personal stylist for women, I spend my days offering tips and tricks to make lives easier. Who doesn't want the mornings to run more smoothly? Who isn't looking for easy ways to keep her style game elevated without having to try too hard? 

There are a few easy ways to do this, depending on your lifestyle. I, for example, tend to keep my bangs longer when I'm saving cash on my eyebrow maintenance. Making smart choices about how to spend your dollars is always a win. When I cut back somewhere else, I opt for better brows and shorter bangs. I also save the time it takes to do my brows in the morning. 

Lashes are another way to simplify your life and take valuable time off your morning routine. I got my first setfrom Lisabet, owner of the Lash Factory in 2014. They were truly life changing and I've send clients to her for years. (She also happens to be a client, so I'm fortunate to see her for style and lashes on the regular.) 

The Lash Factory has grown since then and is now in a new location with a team of lash gurus available to keep you on point. As we started considering spring giveaways, it became clear that it was time to share the joy of lashes.

So...... drumroll, please. 

We're officially kicking off the Poplin Style + Lash Factory giveaway. Win a full set of faux mink lashes. There's no purchase needed to enter to win. Simply enter and we'll announce the winner on Saturday, May 12th. 

If you love these giveaways, let us know! And, hey, thanks for being a member of the Poplin Style community. We appreciate you. 

P.S. Remember to enter!