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Finally! Shop Your Personal Style Key Words Easily

At Poplin Style Direction, it’s all about balancing a client’s personal style, budget, body type and lifestyle in a cohesive strategy that helps her keep her style elevated, authentic and EASY. After all, who has the time to figure all this stuff out? We’re on our sixth year of providing personalized attention to hundreds of women. Throughout this journey, it has been very important to me to empower each woman to own her personal style. I don’t want her to be depending on Poplin to make decisions or to question how she ended up with various pieces or what to do with them. Therefore the process is structured to ensure that result. (You can see what clients think here).

Get Inspiration From Real Poplin Clients

Yes! We’ve always had an array of magnificent Poplin clients on the website. Now, you can click through the image of any client on the home page and be taken directly to her story. Of course, there are new clients added regularly. It’s addictive.

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Win a FREE Set of Lash Extensions ($250 Value!) From the Lash Factory

As a personal stylist for women, I spend my days offering tips and tricks to make lives easier. Who doesn't want the mornings to run more smoothly? Who isn't looking for easy ways to keep her style game elevated without having to try too hard? 

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Let's Hear it for Love & Simply Matchmaking

One advantage of my job as a personal stylist is that I often have the pleasure of being the go-to person for my clients on a wide range of topics. Whether they are looking for an aesthetician, a hair stylist or an interior decorator, I’m often asked for referrals. This has become especially fun as so many new people are moving to our city. Because so many folks arrive telecommuting at the job they had before they moved or happen to be following a partner, it’s common for me to the be one of the first people they meet.

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5 Days: 5 Fall Trends. Day 1: Criss Cross.

There's a large number of us who hear the words Criss Cross and think of this. But, in this case, I'm all about embracing my role as your very own personal stylist. So, we're talking plaid, gingham, checks, you get the idea. 

Whether you are wearing a prim Gingham (think Audrey Hepburn) or punk rock Tartan (think Johnny Rotten), it's all about embracing the trend in a way that is authentic to your personal style and flattering for your figure. Fun fact: Just as the punk rock movement embraced big black eyeglass frames because those were the frames you received as part of the medical care provided by the government, the movement also embraced Royal Stewart Tartan. You know it, red plaid plaid. The upper class rocked the print in Victorian and Edwardian times and the punk rock community took it and made it their own. 

Here are some ideas to make plaid your very own. 

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Must Know Now.

Man, my life is filled with hot tips. As a personal stylist for women, I'm fortunate to learn about all sorts of innovative, surprising and delightful things. Thanks very much to those of you who send info my way and to all of you for listening when I offer up ideas. My list of cool things is getting too long to manage, so I'm going to share it with you here and recycle the piece of paper. Let's hear it for efficiency. 

Super Cool Things That are Top of Mind Right Now.

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Who Knew? THIS Brand is Making Fashion Forward Shoes at a Great Price point?

I've spent full days going through the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale inventory. As a personal stylist, I create wishlists and Uber Wishlists for my clients on a regular basis. Each consists of a list of pieces that fill a need for my client right now. Uber Wishlists (20-30 items) are a one time purchase whereas wishlists (8-10 items) are available individually or on a subscription basis. The beauty of each list is that it takes into account my client's lifestyle, budget, personal style, body type AND the pieces she already owns. After all, why start from scratch when you already have a closet filled with pieces. 

While wishlists allow me to recommend pieces from a wide variety of retailers, the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale and Anniversary are times when clients specifically request items from the sale. So, I've been living on the Nordstrom site. 

And, during this adventure I've discovered something thrilling.

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Conquering Chafing, Sweat and Other Undesirable Issues that Come with Hot Weather

Finally, sunshine. As a personal stylist for women, I'm keenly aware that warm weather is both a blessing and a curse for many among us. If you find that your thighs rubbing together is not only undesirable, but actually hurts, you are not alone. How about sweat from the girls up top? These are especially common issues that up until now have been "solved" with baby powder or simply toughing it out. 

Enter Megababe Beauty Products. Designed by the woman behind the 12-ish style, these all natural products are aimed at solving these ever present issues. I heard about it and had to share. 


Megababe Products that Address Your

Summertime Challenges

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3 Reasons To Get Your Portrait Taken NOW

Hello Dear Reader! 

I'm a big fan of local photographer,  Amy Catherine.  She helps Seattle women look and feel beautiful. So, as we dive into the New Year, let's celebrate YOU. Below is a guest post from Amy as well as a super fabulous deal for Poplin readers. Enjoy! 


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Ask These Ladies What to Wear to the Holiday Party.

If anyone can answer the eternal question of what to wear to a holiday party, it's a Poplin client. After all, she can turn to her trusty password protected online personal profile for guidance. It lays out what pieces are flattering for her frame, and what aren't. It also includes a list of recommended retailers based on her personal style and budget. 

Plus, Poplin clients get new pieces either on a shopping trip together or via an Uber Wishlist. And, of course, a Poplin client can view outfits on her mobile phone to help her choose the perfect ensemble for the big night.

Sound appealing? Poplin Gift Certificates are available online and are just the perfect size for your stocking. Here are some lovely ladies to motivate you. And make sure to check out the recent blog post highlighting pieces that are just right for the holiday party but can actually be worn on the daily afterward. I'm obsessed with local maker Foxglove and owner Selena Kearney has taken the brand to an entirely new level. Enjoy!

P.S. You'll receive an additional hour of styling absolutely FREE with any package purchase before 12/24/16. 

Some of the Beautiful Ladies of Poplin.

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Valuable Reminders For Us All Courtesy of Trans Youth.

The Ruby Room Fashion Show is THIS Sunday. The Ruby Room provides prom dresses for girls who wouldn't otherwise have the right dress for such an important occasion. Tickets are affordable, the show will be AMAZING and every dollar goes to this worthy cause. (Plus, I'll be a judge and I've already picked out my outfit. So, there's that.) 

It got me thinking about the trans youth that also enjoy this benefit thanks to organizations like The Ruby Room, YouthCar & so many others. So, I'm reposting this from February. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to help trans women cultivate their personal styles. 

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Must Have Now: Metallic Ankle Boots

I've been searching for the perfect pair of metallic ankle boots for over a year. If that seems excessive, I think so, too. But, first, I imagined metallic ankle boots without having actually seen a pair. This is a common approach of mine. Dream it. Then find it. As a personal stylist for women, I do this for my clients, too. That's part of the fun of the job. 

My theory was that metallic ankle boots would be an amazing neutral. After all, you've likely heard me champion mixed metals for a couple of years now. Metallic ankle boots seemed like the ideal completion of an outfit with metal accessories. To be true to my personal style, I have been looking for a pair that are show stoppers, but not too over the top, reasonably priced (because this is an experiment) AND had a heel height lower than 3 1/2 inches. That's a tall order.

I finally found a pair

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Seattle Boutique: Foundation Fits Your Style & Your Budget

I had a client tell me that she loves the idea of boutiques, but she doesn't love the price tags. There's a common misconception that shopping at local shops translates to high prices. I'm always excited to share boutiques that fit every budget without sacrificing style. Queen Anne's newest shop, Foundation, does just that. 

I went to the grand opening, hoping to get ideas for clients and walked out with a bag of pieces for myself. Naturally, I raced home to update you, Dear Reader on Seattle's newest option for the stylish woman on a budget. 

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What's the Most Flattering Bathing Suit for my Bust Size?

Things have changed. It used to be especially challenging to find a swimsuit if your top half was a different size or proportion than your bottom. No longer. Now, a wide range of retailers and brands offer mix and match suits. As a personal stylist, I'm often asked for advice on finding just the right swimsuit and the top of that equation can make or break success. Wonder no more, Dear Reader. Here's what you need to know.

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My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

It's been a while since I've sent out a list of my very favorite things. Let's be clear. I am absolutely addicted to a laundry list of items. As a personal stylist for women, my goal is to write blog posts that help you maintain a personal style that is authentic to you. Your look should communicate who you are and be functional for your life. My favorite things are a collection of items that encompass who I am. Ideally, you'll find that some of them speak to you, as well. As always, I love to know what you think and hear about some of your favorite things. Off we go!


My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

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Lessons From Trans Youth.

I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to hold monthly styling sessions for youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The Poplin styling sessions are limited to the youth in the Barista Training Program, who are in this eight week program to learn everything you need to know to be a Barista including customer service, job skills and life skills. You can learn more about the program here. 

Over the last few years, I've noticed the population changing. And, I'm doing my best to change with them. Last year we saw more young women who were pregnant. So, we offered assistance with clothes that are appropriate for job interviews but also practical as your body changes. This year, I've been really amazed at how the younger generation sees gender in such a fluid way. I've tweaked the sessions to included an opportunity for attendees to identify their pronouns (she/her, he/him or they/them). I've learned a lot. 

I've also had the extraordinary experience of repeatedly helping trans youth transitioning from male to female. This one has really had an impact on me. Nationally, LGBTQ youth are estimated to be about 40% of the homeless population. I'm especially proud of ISIS House, a transitional living house designed to meet the unique needs of LGBTQ youth and their straight allies. It's the only one in Washington state and one of the few programs like it in the nation. YouthCare never disappoints.

During these sessions, I'm struck by the lessons that trans youth have to teach the rest of us. So, as your very own personal stylist, I'm passing these learnings along. 


Valuable Reminders From Trans Youth.

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Winter Accessorizing

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. 

Hello Dear Reader,

As the frigid weather approaches I have been asked about how to layer up and stay warm but still feel stylish and shapely. With a lot of winter wear being bulky it can be hard to feel sleek under so many layers. But with a bit of accessorizing know how, and warm layers underneath like a cashmere sweater and fleece lined leggings you will be all set to brazen the winter chills while still feeling fabulous.

Oversized Scarf

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The Perfect Northwest Slipper.

As a personal stylist for women, I spend a great deal of time in other people's homes. I get to see each client's personal style expressed in her home decor. As I prepare for each visit, I also plan to take off my shoes as soon as I walk in the door. Sure, there are plenty of folks who allow shoes indoors. But, there are plenty who don't. Better to be safe than sorry.

Our simultaneous adoration for a shoeless house and the ability to walk outside effortlessly is in constant conflict. Want to run something to the trash? You need to go from slippers to shoes. No more! 

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