What's the Most Flattering Bathing Suit for my Bust Size?

Things have changed. It used to be especially challenging to find a swimsuit if your top half was a different size or proportion than your bottom. No longer. Now, a wide range of retailers and brands offer mix and match suits. As a personal stylist, I'm often asked for advice on finding just the right swimsuit and the top of that equation can make or break success. Wonder no more, Dear Reader. Here's what you need to know.

 Tropiculture Convertible Top. Swimsuits for All. (Sizes 8 and beyond). Was: $49 Now: $34.

The Ideal Swimsuit Top For You. 

If you are busty

  • Always search for swim tops that are sized by cup size rather than small, medium, large. This ensures that you'll have the appropriate amount of coverage.
  • Look for thicker straps, underwire (if that works for you) and heavy duty stitching for maximum support. Bra-like, adjustable straps rather than halter tops are most comfortable and avoid tugging on the neck.
  • A strong clasp in the back is essential to ensure you feel secure in your suit. 
  • If you want to minimize the bust, try darker or solid colors and criss cross detail.
  • A well made suit will treat you right. I'd recommend one for sunbathing or socializing and another for active summer sports. To save money, you can find one bikini bottom that works for both to mix and match. 

 Marysia Mott Scaloped Halter Neck Swim Top. Neiman Marcus. Was: $143 Now: $92.

If you aren't particularly busty

  • A bandeau top draws attention to your neck and collarbone, as well as your posture. So, make sure you are standing up straight. 
  • If you contrast your top half using prints, colors or embellishments, with the bottom, you determine what part of your body will be getting the most attention. That means, wearing bottoms with added detail draws the attention away from your bust. Emphasize your top half by wearing bathing suit tops with bright colors, prints or embellishments. Ruffles, hardware and fringe (so on trend) can do wonders.
  • Padding is your friend.

If this is all too much because you are still trying to figure out what swimsuit is the most flattering option for your figure, it's time to read my last blog post. Thanks for being a part of swim week!

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