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FREE Beckett Simonon Shoes that are Beautiful + Good for the World? Yes, Please!

Yes, yes, you’ll hear all about my recent trip to Panama — hats, resort wear, swimsuits, all the things. And, get ready for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam, too. It’s all about research from your very own personal stylist.

I HAD to hold off on those updates because of the stellar giveaway that one of my favorite partners is holding right now. You know when I like something enough to share, I really like it. And I really like shoes made by Beckett Simonon.

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The Modern Twin Set. Put Away Your Cardigan.

What’s more classic than a twin set? (A twin set is a cardigan with a coordinating sweater or top underneath.) Sure, a twin set is polished and simple. But, if you are looking for something that feels elevated, polished, current and easy, there’s a new duo in town.

As a personal stylist for women, I’m all about helping each woman feel like her authentic self in clothes that work for her real life. My favorite twist on the twin set right now is a blazer with a top of the same color. Here we go!

The Fine Print: Poplin is an affiliate. That means that when you click through the images below, Poplin may receive a commission without any additional cost to you. Those commissions add up for us small business owners, so please click through when items appeal to you. Thanks very much and happy shopping!

The Modern Twin Set: A Baker’s Dozen of the Best

Blazer + Top Combos

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20 Hip Holiday Gifts for Him

It’s time to start your holiday shopping and these are 20 of my favorite holiday gifts for him. In fact, a number of them are really great gifts for all sorts of folks on your list. But, I know how tough shopping for the fellas can be. So, here are some glorious ways to get you going.

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What Can I Wear BESIDES a Cardigan?

I recently had a client tell me that she thinks I hate cardigans. On the contrary, I adore cardigans. Always have. Always will. The problem is that I've been adoring cardigans for going on 25 years now and let's face it, the thrill is gone. 

Here's the thing: when a woman puts together a stunning and thoughtful outfit that communicates her personal style, she is on the verge of achieving pure bliss. She feels confident. She get's more accomplished. She is more willing to take risks in other areas. She is strong. 

Then, she adds the final piece for, "warmth." Her tried and true cardigan. And much of what has just been achieved is lost. Often this cardigan stays at the office, draped over her chair for, dare I say it again, "warmth." As it turns out, it's a bit chilly here. So, inevitably, that (most likely black) cardigan is used on the daily. Elegance. Intention. It's all lost. 

But fear not, a cardigan does not always have this effect. So, if you are sure you are rocking your cardis and keeping things elevated, more power to you. (Successful options are likely hip length or longer and absent of pilling.) If you worry that you maybe possibly could-be someone who needs a little help finding cardigan alternatives, your very own personal stylist for women is stepping in. 


3 Alternatives to Cardigans.

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Retailers for the Woman who is ready to Rock Menswear

My favorite thing about Facebook is discovering that two people you thought were unrelated are actually connected. Two friends from different circles, different cities, different generations. Last week, I was informed of one of those happy accidents. Thank you, Facebook.

As it turned out, two friends of mine from different worlds both mentioned me in a comment string for a mutual friend of theirs. She was looking for help for yet another friend finding menswear-inspired clothing for women. You know how much I LOVE helping people out with this sort of thing. So, as your very own personal stylist for women (and kids), it seems only right that I share this information with both friends, their friend, her friend and anyone else who might be struggling with this. Because everyone deserves the joy of expressing him/herself through fashion. Here we go!

Side note: Yes, I understand that menswear-inspired pieces, androgynous pieces, "butch" pieces, etc. are not all the same. Nor am I in any way grouping folks together. The goal here is to offer up some resources for shopping. I'll let you take it from here. 

Rocking the Menswear- Inspired Look? Here's Where to Shop.

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