Retailers for the Woman who is ready to Rock Menswear

 SJW Burgundy Silk Blazer. SJW.

My favorite thing about Facebook is discovering that two people you thought were unrelated are actually connected. Two friends from different circles, different cities, different generations. Last week, I was informed of one of those happy accidents. Thank you, Facebook.

As it turned out, two friends of mine from different worlds both mentioned me in a comment string for a mutual friend of theirs. She was looking for help for yet another friend finding menswear-inspired clothing for women. You know how much I LOVE helping people out with this sort of thing. So, as your very own personal stylist for women (and kids), it seems only right that I share this information with both friends, their friend, her friend and anyone else who might be struggling with this. Because everyone deserves the joy of expressing him/herself through fashion. Here we go!

Side note: Yes, I understand that menswear-inspired pieces, androgynous pieces, "butch" pieces, etc. are not all the same. Nor am I in any way grouping folks together. The goal here is to offer up some resources for shopping. I'll let you take it from here. 

Rocking the Menswear- Inspired Look? Here's Where to Shop.

 Maggie Blazer. TomboyX.

1. TomboyX.

I'd be remiss if I didn't start this list with one of my favorite local brands, TomboyX. Fran and Naomi started this label of dreams that features tomboy-inspired clothes for women. Shop the TomboyX brand online in addition to several other makers that communicate the same style. Or, visit the showroom (check in advance to make sure it is open) and try pieces on in person. My favorites include the Sweet Caroline shirt that includes hidden buttons to prevent gaping and the blazers with stretch along the side for a better fit. And, of course, the selection of Bed Stu shoes can not be celebrated enough. 

 Graphic from

2. Androgyny.

Looking for that perfect shirt? Look no further than Androgyny. Again, hidden buttons prevent gaping. But, the Androgyny option is also sans darts and is THE product for the company. (Right now, anyway.) Other options for shirts: Brooks Brothers, Lands End. 

 General Knot 40's Beach Glass Floral Bow Tie. Hammer & Awl. $78.

3. Hammer + Awl.

The local menswear accessories boutique is addictive. Whether you are on the hunt for the right tie, watch, wallet, bag or so much more, Hammer & Awl won't disappoint. I'm a big fan of letting your signature pieces do the heavy lifting. This is where you find those pieces. (I should add that there is apparel, as well.) 

 SJW Checked Wool Crombie for women. SJW.

4. SJW Menswear for Women.

When I think of menswear-inspired looks for women, I think of the woman who has a meticulous ensemble that is the envy of the room. The vision in my mind, is the execution of SJW. Sadly, the UK company is only available in the US at Any Old Iron in NYC. Looks like a trip to the Big Apple is in order. 

 Caurimare. Outplay. $43.

 Tomboiers. Outplay. $30.

5. Outplay.

The idea of gender neutral swimwear is sort of mind blowing at first. But, then, yes! Yes! Of course there should be gender neutral swimwear and why isn't there more of it? At this time of year, it feels essential to mention this groundbreaking company. From the site,

"We are here to design and make that piece of clothing that fits just right, holds, hides, binds or shows exactly what you’ve always wanted to hold, hide, bind, or show."

Don't you just love them? I do. Sadly, inventory is low. I think it's worth a visit to the site, anyway. Perhaps there are more options on the way.....

6. The Butch Clothing Company. 

And this is where you go for your suits. Getting married? Special occasion? Just feeling like rocking a suit to work or out and about? This UK company specializes in "male style suits that would actually fit women." Skype consultations are available if you are nervous about having to cross the pond for a suit. Another option? The Duchess Clothier. A Portland, Oregon based company that creates custom-made suits for men and women.


 The Rebel Jacket. HAUTE BUTCH. $159.


Yes, I wish the site was better. But, it's worth a look, regardless. "Handsome apparel," says it all. I'm especially fond of the outerwear. You'll find apparel, accessories and shoes on the site. It's a nice place for one stop shopping. And, the price point is incredible. $159 for a jacket? Yes, please.  


Of course, Dear Reader, there are many more options. Although, there aren't enough if you ask me. This will get you started. And, if you have a chance, check out this month's interview in Vogue with transgender model Andreja Pejic on Gender Fluidity. So good. Let me know how it goes!


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