5 Days: 5 Fall Trends. Day 1: Criss Cross.

 Burberry Tartan Wool & Cashmere Reversible Overcoat. Nordstrom. $2,995.

There's a large number of us who hear the words Criss Cross and think of this. But, in this case, I'm all about embracing my role as your very own personal stylist. So, we're talking plaid, gingham, checks, you get the idea. 

Whether you are wearing a prim Gingham (think Audrey Hepburn) or punk rock Tartan (think Johnny Rotten), it's all about embracing the trend in a way that is authentic to your personal style and flattering for your figure. Fun fact: Just as the punk rock movement embraced big black eyeglass frames because those were the frames you received as part of the medical care provided by the government, the movement also embraced Royal Stewart Tartan. You know it, red plaid plaid. The upper class rocked the print in Victorian and Edwardian times and the punk rock community took it and made it their own. 

Here are some ideas to make plaid your very own. 

 langford wide-leg crop pants in windowpane. Madewell. Was: $118. Now: $79.

1. Wear a print proportional to your frame.

If you are petite and you wear a giant print, you'll look like a little girl. If you have a full figure and wear tiny gingham, it will make you appear larger than you are. When it comes to prints, embrace your size and wear something that is in proportion to your frame. 

 Sweatshirt with Zip. H&M. $59.

2. Use the print to draw attention to an area you'd like to show off.

Balance out your frame by rocking a plaid piece on your smaller areas that you'd like to draw attention to. For example, if you are carry your weight on your lower half, wear plaid on top, if your shoulders are broad and/or you carry your weight on top, try plaid pants. 

 Acid Check Long Sleeve Top. Topshop. $40.

 Check Jersey Boyfriend Blazer. Topshop. $75.

3. Don't be afraid to mix and match.

As a personal stylist, I often hear women ask, "is it too much?" when mixing prints. Here's a good way to evaluate that. Pretend it's a dress or a jumpsuit. If you were wearing a gingham jumpsuit with a larger print on the bottom and a smaller print on top, it would look great. Or, if you rocked a dress that was one color plaid on top and another of the same print on the bottom, you'd feel bold and beautiful. Don't be afraid to create your own dress using separates.

 Gingham Balloon-Sleeve Blouse. Anthro. $98.

4. Keep the weather in mind.

Fun, spring gingham is going to feel like sprint unless it's in a heavy fabric (read: flannel). Dark plaids even in lighter weight fabrics will feel more like autumn and winter. Roll with the seasonally appropriate vibe. 

 Burberry Tartan Wool & Cashmere Reversible Overcoat. Nordstrom. $2,995. Recognize this one? The coat at the top of this post is the same coat inside out!

5. Amp up the print by wearing a current shape.

Right now there are all sorts of unusual shapes happening. Off the shoulder tops, cocoon coats, joggers, and the like. If you go for a traditional plaid in a current shape, you are going to feel especially modern. That being said, those shapes do change over time, so these won't be your timeless options and you might want to budget accordingly. 

Let me know how it goes!