5 Days: 5 Fall Trends. Day 2: Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Sleeves.

 WELLAND DRESS. Universal Standard. $180.

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Make sure to take a look at the first post of this series, if you haven't already. Fall is an especially fun time to experiment with new trends. Try mixing things up by adding some unexpected sleeves into the mix. Whether you opt for giant 80's shoulders or sheer sleeves, drawing attention to your arms has lots of benefits.

How to Do Sleeves

Right Now.

  Diane von Furstenberg  Blaine Silk Jacket. Saks Off 5th. Was: $448. Now: $178.

1. Sheer long sleeves. 

You know how much I adore long sleeves. In the Pacific Northwest we run chilly and layering tends to be a must. A nice way to keep things sleek and skip the layers is to opt for long sleeve options. Try a sheer or lace sleeve to mix things up and draw attention to your arms. If you have a diamond, triangle, rectangle shaped figure, you will especially benefit from showing off your arms. Drawing the eye to your long, lovely limbs is a win.

 Extended Shoulder Mini Shift dress. Topshop. $75.

2. Bold shoulders.

Think shoulder pad, puff sleeves and so on. A ruffled sleeve is pretty great, too. These are especially challenging to layer underneath a jacket or coat. I find the most success with cocoon coats as they also have big sleeve holes so they don't crush your lovely shoulder design and steel the impact. If you carry your weight on the bottom, this will balance out your frame and minimize your stomach. If your hips are narrow and your shoulders are broad, this isn't the ideal look for you. But, if you REALLY want to try it, pair with a a-line skirt and heels. 

  Tart Constance Batwing Sleeve Blouson Dress (Plus Size). Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom Rack. Was: $175. Now: $64.

3. Batwing sleeves.

Giant sleeves are dramatic and fun. They are nearly impossible when it's time to wash the dishes. So, maybe wear them more often to get out of that chore:) Otherwise, try this approach for cocktail parties, events and other opportunities to look beautiful in a less than functional outfit. Another bonus? You can skip the jacket again because you have a sleeve to keep you warm. If you still aren't warm enough, layer a long sleeve fitted top underneath (perhaps your sheer sleeve option) to keep you cozy without compromising your look. 

 COAT WITH TEXTURED CUFFS. Available in two colors. Zara. $199.

4. Unexpected Cuffs.

Whether you like a menswear inspired option with buttons at the cuff or fur details near your hands, an unexpected cuff is all the rage. This is especially flattering if you have a diamond (shoulders and hips aligned and narrower than your waist) shaped figure or more of a rectangle (shoulders and hips aligned but your waist is not very defined) shape. 

 One-Shoulder Flare-Sleeve Top. Banana Republic. Was: $88. Now: $44.

5. Flare. 

If the word flare or flaire just makes you think of Office Space, you aren't alone. Right now, flare is all about the sleeve. Whether you opt for something that has more of a bohemian Stevie Nicks vibe or a more classic option like the photo above, flare can add a feminine touch to your outfit. Be sure to select something that still allows you to function in your life either when it comes straight off the rack or after the tailor alters it. The sleeve length should still allow you to write, for example. 

As always, let me know how it goes!