Conquering Chafing, Sweat and Other Undesirable Issues that Come with Hot Weather

Finally, sunshine. As a personal stylist for women, I'm keenly aware that warm weather is both a blessing and a curse for many among us. If you find that your thighs rubbing together is not only undesirable, but actually hurts, you are not alone. How about sweat from the girls up top? These are especially common issues that up until now have been "solved" with baby powder or simply toughing it out. 

Enter Megababe Beauty Products. Designed by the woman behind the 12-ish style, these all natural products are aimed at solving these ever present issues. I heard about it and had to share. 


Megababe Products that Address Your

Summertime Challenges

 Thigh Rescue. Megababe. $14.

1. Thigh Rescue.

Glide on this product that creates a "friction- free barrier," on your skin, preventing thigh chafe.

 Bust Dust. Megababe. $16.

2. Bust Dust.

Designed to keep sweat from seeping onto your top or in between your breasts, apparently, you can even spray it on under your bra. Genius.

 Cashmere Pits. Megababe. Coming Soon.

3. Coming Soon- Cashmere & Rosy Pits.

THIS is where the magic is really going to happen. I hear from clients all the time who struggle with sweaty armpits that prevent them from wearing all the pieces they love.

Let's hope these deliver because there is certainly a need. Tried one? Tell me all about it! Have any other products that you can't live without? Share those, too! 

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