My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

It's been a while since I've sent out a list of my very favorite things. Let's be clear. I am absolutely addicted to a laundry list of items. As a personal stylist for women, my goal is to write blog posts that help you maintain a personal style that is authentic to you. Your look should communicate who you are and be functional for your life. My favorite things are a collection of items that encompass who I am. Ideally, you'll find that some of them speak to you, as well. As always, I love to know what you think and hear about some of your favorite things. Off we go!


My 10 Favorite Things Right Now


1. Honey, it's time to save some serious cash without trying.

This Google extension is so extraordinary that I considered writing an entire blog post about it. As it turns out, Buzzfeed already did. And who can write things as succinctly as Buzzfeed? You must read this article entitled, "this lazy online shopping trick actually saves you a ton of money." For real.


 Fluid Pants. Available in two colors. Ann Taylor. $119.

2. Super Wide Leg Pants.

It's true, the last couple of years, I've been all about the culottes and the 70's inspired flare jeans. The last couple of months I've been crazy for super wide leg pants. They are insanely comfortable and can look sleek and sophisticated depending on your pairing, especially your shoe choice. Go for heels for maximum effect. If you aren't so much into the heels, try an ankle length version or, naturally, a pair of culottes. I'll do an entire blog post on this look. Until then, here are photos from a recent client outfit session. We picked up new wide leg pants and you can see the endless ways they can be paired using her new and existing pieces. I think I'll try a pair today.


 Wood Sirmione Pool Lounger. Cost Plus. $349.

 acapulco lounge chair. CB2. Was: $269 Now: $239.

3. Midcentury & Marimekko for Your Backyard.

Okay, so it is rare that I mention my love of furniture. In fact, this might be my first time. But, the collections of mid century inspired pieces for your yard are too much to keep to myself. If you are looking to update your outdoor space, you'll want to check out Cost Plus (seriously) and of course,  CB2.  And, you know how much I adore Marimekko. The partnership with Target is still going strong including outdoor rugs and pillows. Although, I wish the rugs were larger, they are an effortless way to bring your style into the backyard.  


 Sloan Gingham Leather d'Orsay Flat. J.Crew. $168.

4. Patterned shoes. 

It's spring and this is when our love for color really comes out. Instead of buying a new pair of colored flats or heel for the season, try something with texture or even better, pattern. There's an array of floral, gingham, stripes and the like out there. And, you'd be shocked at how practical they are. Opt for a color palette that is already dominant in your wardrobe for maximum functionality. 


 See free episodes online of Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver.

5. Jon Oliver & Bill Maher.

Let's face it, by this point you probably have HBO Now. After all, someone in your house is a dedicated Game of Thrones fan. If you love(d) the Daily Show, these longer format shows will make you swoon. I get so excited about the Real Time with Bill Maher episodes that I listen to the podcast including Overtime before we have a chance to watch the episode at home. 


 The Silk Radiant Dress. Available in multiple colors and prints. Kinwolfe. $325.

 My client, Divya, is rocking this Kinwolfe dress at our recent Edmonds photo shoot.

6. Kinwolfe.

You know when you have an idea and think, why isn't anyone doing this? Then you forget about it and move on? Well, local Diane Lansinger took her idea of one piece that you can wear throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond and ran with it. The result is a collection of stunning, high quality dresses, jumpsuits, tops and more that you'll want whether or not you're planning to reproduce anytime soon. A blog post is coming on this brand. And you'll soon be able to pick up one of the pieces at Nordstrom! Until that day, here's a photo of my lovely client at a recent Poplin photo shoot. She's due any day! 


 Here's the article!

7. Oribe Beautiful Color.

Hairstylist Karen Reichert recently colored my hair and sent me on my way with a ringing endorsement of this product. I've been using it for three weeks and I'm a fan. In fact, I was reading In Style last night and happened upon it as one of the magazine's In Shower Power Couples. Apparently, it's in the air. (By the way, please tell me you've entered to win a free cut and color from Karen.) 


 Eline Dress. Available in two colors/ prints. Marimekko. $325.

8. The New Marimekko.

The bold Finnish brand hasn't changed it's silhouettes in years. Until now. From maxi dresses to jumpsuits, things are changing over there. And don't get me started on the shoes! Looking for wild platforms? It's not just Solestruck, anymore. If you are feeling like making a statement while still maintaining comfort, this is the place for you. 


 Straw Clutch Bag. Available in two colors/patterns. H&M.

 San Diego Hat Stripe Straw Bag. Nordstrom. Was: $68 Now: $58.

9. Straw Handbags.

This timeless classic can become part of your uniform every summer. Try a clutch as a everyday bag. Totes are perfect for toting around your water, flip flops, sunscreen and extra layers. Opt for something with a wide opening so you can see all of your contents at one time. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want something with a lid or at least a clasp to prevent spillage. This is an effortless way to communicate your personal style. If you tend toward the classic and sophisticated, go for timeless brown wicker. Or. choose a designer option. If you love boho, pick up something that communicates another culture through pattern. Be thoughtful before you buy. After all, this is a keeper. 


 The Longest Shortest Time host and her daughter.

 Fresh Air Host Terry Gross and her co-workers over 40 years ago as one of the early pioneers of women in radio.

10. NPR One & the Longest Shortest Time.

If you listen to NPR, which I obviously do, you are constantly hearing about NPR one. As it turns out, it lives up to the hype. Because it really is like Pandora for your phone, I've found myself only wanting to listen to NPR through the app so that it can see what I like and don't. Um, yeah. Really. I'm also a major podcast junkie and The Longest Shortest Time is pretty much the greatest podcast about parenting ever. Think of it as, "This American Life," for parenting. A recent episode featured Terry Gross describing why she chose not to have children. Love.


And there you have it. My exhaustive list. Please remember to enter to win a free cut and color from hair stylist Karen Reichert. We'll announce the winner one week from today and it could be YOU. Like Poplin on Facebook for one entry and sign up for the newsletter for a second entry. Good luck!