How You Should REALLY be Shampooing Your Hair.

There's nothing more exciting than discovering a new hair trick in a magazine. Not surprisingly, there's nothing more disappointing than discovering that the new miracle trick doesn't actually apply to you. We've all been there. It's not you, it's the technique or the product. This is why I'm thrilled to share some of local hair stylist Karen Reichert's tips on shampooing. If you have yet to hear about Karen, you and I have been out of touch too long. 

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Hair Stylist Karen Reichert on Shampooing


Washing our hair is one of those things we feel we’re never doing right. Some of us feel like we’re washing it way too much, while others feel like we’re not washing it enough. The answer to this dilemma is knowing your hair type. Different hair types require different kinds of care. So, if you’re stumped on the question of how often should you wash your hair, read on for quick tips for shampooing your locks.

1. Fine Hair.

Fine hair tends to absorb more oil than other hair types, which means you can be washing it more often depending on how oily your scalp is. You can wash your hair every other day, especially Time may be an issue, though, so dry shampoo is a great alternative, helping to absorb any excess oil in your hair.  

2. Medium Hair.

For in between hair texture, washing hair 2-3 times a week typically works. Your hair is not accumulating as much oil as finer hair, but isn’t hiding oil as much as thicker hair does. 

3. Thick Hair.

For girls with voluminous or curly hair, shampooing shouldn’t be your biggest worry. Because of your hair type, the strands of your hair will most likely be able to avoid oil build up because it takes a while for oil from the scalp to travel down the stands of thick hair. It’s not exactly crazy to wash your hair once a week, thick haired ladies.

4. Natural Hair.

If your hair is in its natural state, constant shampooing might not be what you need. Instead, adopt the “co-wash” method. This is the process  of supplementing your shampoo for conditioner only. Constant shampooing can dry out the hair, but conditioner keeps it clean without that effect. There are also several cleansing shampoos created just for this purpose — to cleanse and moisturize the hair without drying it out.


 Karen Reichert has coloring, cutting and styling hair for over 20 years. She currently rocks it at the Collage Salon in Belltown.

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