My Current Fashion Obsessions

 Apparently the folks at Zara were equally taken by Jennifer Lawrence on the Daily Show. See her photo below and compare. This look is perfection. Pencil skirt. Zara. $79.90.

I love this day already. I was driving through Phinney Ridge when I saw a mom and her toddler in full Seahawks gear waiting for the bus. The bus stops have been jam packed all morning and it was pretty clear they weren't going to  make the parade. So, I thought, why not take them there? As it turns out, Annie and her son, Abe, were up for it and off we went. After all, I had a carseat, which is some sort of universal sign that I'm not a serial killer and that I can also safely transport your toddler.

In the end, they are happy, I am happy and our city overall is bursting with joy, which is unusual and incredible. Plus, later today I get to try on a couple of Valentino dresses from the Citizen Rosebud. I'm living the dream. 

Because I have so many things I'm excited to tell you about, I thought today's post could focus on my current obsessions. There are many. Here we go!

 Leather midi skirt. H&M. $149.

1. Midis.

Ever since I saw Madonna in, "Evita," I've been mesmerized by a tea length skirt currently referred to as a, "midi." Hitting mid-calf, midi's are sleek, sophisticated and functional. A flowy midi allows you to sit on the floor with your kids or walk downtown comfortably. A tea length pencil skirt shows off your curves and adds an air of sophistication to your look. I'm especially into these right now because they will transition seamlessly from winter to spring.

 MSGM Neoprene Skirt. Les Nouvelles. Was: $691. Now: $276.50

2. Neoprene. 

I have always been a big fan of polyester, polyester blends and synthetic fabrics. You don't hear those words often, do you? But as an adventurous person, my clothes need to enhance my lifestyle, not limit it. Spill something on neoprene and it beads up and rolls right off. How's that for the best fabric for a mom or a traveler? It is also wrinkle-free (unless you've rolled it up in a ball) and smooth to the touch. Right now, Club Monaco, Zara, Nordstrom and the like usually have a piece or two in the store. It's not for everyone, but if it's for you, now's the time to buy. Try a skirt or a neoprene sweatshirt. And, have I mentioned the warmth factor? Seriously, love neoprene.

 Meagan Sheer dotted top. Also available in black. Club Monaco. Was: $149 Now: $99.

3. Polka Dots. 

When I met my husband's family for the first time, I distinctly remember a conversation I had with Isabel, the girl who would later become my niece. "I love polka dots," I told her. "In fact, I have a section of my closet that is all polka dots." I'm pretty sure that's when she and I officially formed an unbreakable bond. Although my love of polka dots is constant, wearing them goes in waves. As we enter spring, it's time to bring them back. Pair large dots with mini dots for a modern twist. An easy way to show that you are fun and approachable- wear polka dots.

 Suede loafers. Available in multiple colors. Gap. $59.95.

4. Alternatives to Ballet Flats.

In the 90's, it felt like I just kept replacing my Mary Janes. Regardless of the other shoes in my closet, I always had Mary Janes. For the last several years, it seems that ballet flats are the old stand by for women. No longer. It's time to try the slip on sneaker, the moccasin, the boat shoe or the loafer. I can't get enough of the spring colors and animal prints widely available in stores. They can be worn immediately with your black pants, jeans and the rest of your hibernating winter gear. As the sun comes out, they'll become a daily staple to wear with midis, neoprene and polka dots, for instance. 

 Topshop Textured sweater. Available in multiple colors. I wear mine a couple of times per week. Nordstrom. $50.

 Yup. That's Jennifer Lawrence on the Daily Show.

5. Sweaters that Hit at Your Natural Waist.

Let's face it, leggings and skinny pants have taken us down a path to long shirts. After all, we want to make sure there are no stomach rolls showing and that leggings are not mistaken for pants. But now, with the reemergence of alternative cuts of pants, it's time to stock up on shirts that hit at your natural waist- or if age and body appropriate, crop tops. Ever since I saw Jennifer Lawrence on the Daily Show I've been consumed by my interest in crop tops and the like. A shorter top allows you to wear baggier pants and still have shape. Try a short sweater and boyfriend jeans with a colored belt to highlight your waist. Alternatively, tapered pants and a cropped sweater ensure you don't look frumpy. 

 Altza-02 Skunkfunk USA Women's pants. Skunkfunk. $155.

6. Tapered Pants

My previous blog post on tapered pants gives you all the ins and outs. They work well for women with larger thighs because they allow extra fabric in the thigh area. Just make sure they are skimming your thighs and not so big they make them seem larger. Leather, velvet or brochade are especially exciting right now. Polka dots are another option. After all, you can wear them with your brightly colored slip on shoes. 

Between the sunshine, the Seahawks parade and this list of fashion must haves, it's a day filled with smiles for sure. Perhaps a shopping trip on your lunch break is in order.


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