Winterizing Part 2: Chantelle Riley Saves Your Hair

 Chantelle Riley, Stylus, Belletown.

You've heard from the Queen of Brows, now you get to hear from the Hair Queen, Chantelle Riley.

Who is this Chantelle Riley, you ask? She's been Katrina's hair stylist for years (good things come in twos) and I've quickly become a huge fan.

Oh, Dear Reader, you know I'm always looking out for you. And, the best way to illustrate Chantelle's infinite knowledge of haircare and her generous demeanor is to share a few of her tips. I've asked her to give us the 411 on how to care for your hair in the winter. With any luck we'll be hearing more tips and tricks from her throughout the year. 

Chantelle's Essentials for Winter Hair

 Kevin Murphy Young Again. Watch the video for details!

1. Kevin Murphy Young Again.

Kevin Murphy Young Again is a great weightless and nutrient rich serum. It has powerful antioxidants and will moisturize dry and damaged hair. This product is amazing, especially during winter because it intensely conditions the hair. It also regains elasticity and infuses hair with shine. Even better, it can go on wet or dry hair. For those of us who don't shampoo daily, this is especially important. 

 Sojourn Moisture Conditioner 32fl oz. Amazon. $36.99.

2. Sojourn Moisture Conditioner.

Deep conditioning is always important for maintaining healthy hair but for those of us whose hair gets extra dehydrated in the winter a trick that I love to do is the deep conditioning bun! I love the Sojourn Moisture conditioner so I apply this at night after I've shampooed and towel dried my hair.  Then I put my hair in a bun and leave it overnight. In the morning I rinse it out. This allows for a deeper penetration of the products and allows my hair to really be able to soak up the conditioner through the night and receive all of the nutrients it needs.

 Sojourn Texture Spray. 4fl oz. Amazon. $20.79

3. Sojourn Texture Spray.

Sojourn Texture Spray is my miracle product year round but in the winter I tend to use more of it because it softens, gives shine, helps with frizz and hydrates. This spray is incredible, it has a lower pH which helps contribute to healthy hair, it will protect your hair from thermal styling, helps prevent split ends and also has a little bit of keratin so it has the ability to repair the hair. Everyone should have a bottle of this in their arsenal!


It's me, again! Can't wait for all those compliments to start rolling in once you give Chantelle's tips a try. Enjoy!


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