Seattle Sunday: Don't Call Me Ma'am Offers Beauty at Every Age

 A little something from the Don't Call Me Ma'am crowdfunding site that got this all started.

 With co-founder Kathleen Spitzer and another local blogger. All of us are sans make-up and being documented. For real.

Happy Sunday, Dear Reader. If you've been missing these Seattle Sundays, let me know. In 2014, I had a goal of a Seattle Sunday post every week. For 2015, you'll be seeing a local brand, boutique or maker every other week. Of course, when I discover something glorious, you'll be seeing that immediately on Instagram. (In fact, for those of you who follow Poplin on Instagram, you likely saw photos from the Don't Call Me Ma'am launch party.) Enough chit chat, let's get to the Redmond based brand.


 The skincare bar at the Don't Call Me Ma'am Launch Party. Also the only people in the place authorized to wear makeup.

When a skincare line is bold enough to throw a, "Naked Party," you know you can trust their equally bold point of view: natural beauty at every age. Oh, yes. I said a naked party. What's that, you say?

Invite local fashionistas to journey to a launch party sans makeup. Believe it. A room (mostly) filled with women who followed the directive. Lucky for those of us who did, skincare professionals from the company were waiting to give us a sample of the brand spanking new skincare line. I met another guest who became my BFF for the evening and had the opportunity to interview one of the company founders. As your very own personal stylist, it's only right that I share all my learnings with you. Here we go!


Don't Call Me Ma'am: Because You Value Your Skin and Your Time.


 The Experience Beauty Package. Choose from 3: Wisdom, Beauty and Experience.

1. Hello Skincare Subscription Service!

Okay, seriously. Don't you feel like you've been waiting for this your entire life? After all, you can get diapers, groceries, even Poplin wishlists delivered to you on a regular basis without needing to lift a finger. Why not your skincare? Don't Call Me Ma'am (DCMM) is the first subscription model of skin care sold exclusively on the internet. And, you can determine the frequencies of your deliveries. Products are bundled in 3 skincare packages, paid for monthly and shipped at the customer determined interval (90, 120 or 150 days). And you can update your order online at any time. Things just got so much easier.


2. All Natural, All the Time.

As you know, I'm a big fan of the all natural skincare lines. And, luckily, they are appearing with greater frequency. The website says it all. "Ingredients that are good for you (no parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals), packaging that is good for the earth (recyclable) and attitude that is good for the soul (beauty at every age)."


 Eileen Ruvinsky. Co-Founder.

 Kathleen Spitzer. Co-Founder.

3. Shop from Local Female Entrepreneurs.

As I mentioned, I had the opportunity to chat with co-founder, Kathleen Spitzer. It's always a pleasure to sit down with someone who is living their dream and Kathleen seems to be doing just that. There are a lot of motivational sayings sprinkled throughout the branding and, in fact, the company's name was partially inspired by Barbara Boxer's insistence that another senator refer to her as, "Senator" rather than ma'am. So good. 

As a personal stylist, I encourage clients to ask for what they want. Many of them prefer clothing made in the USA. To others, it's important that they are supporting companies who give back. Don't Call Me Ma'am is sure to woo women who want to feel good about where they're putting their dollars. 

Kathleen told me a fascinating story about the genesis of the company. She and her husband own a factory in Vancouver, B.C. where cosmetics are made. Eileen and Kathleen were frustrated with the industry's lack of attention to women over 40. It seemed pretty clear to them that the answer was to cut out the middle man and start their own skincare line. And that's just what they did.

You can expect more inspiration and motivation from these two executives. Join the movement.


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