Azede Jean-Pierre's Clothes are Just as Beautiful as her Name.

 Fashion Designer Azede Jean-Pierre.

It's Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. That means a whole lot of people get the day off. (Not everyone, I know.) Between that unbelievable Seahawks win yesterday and the opportunity to sleep in today, it's easy to forget why we have this holiday in the first place.

So, I thought I'd encourage you, Dear Reader, to think about Dr. King's legacy today. And why not do that through fashion? Without him, who knows if we'd have the opportunity to hear these voices? 

It's challenging to choose just one African American fashion designer to spotlight. But, not to worry, every February I offer up some others to commemorate Black History Month. 

Azede Jean-Pierre was born in Haiti and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. In the words of the good people of Not Just a Label, 

"The namesake label is in its third year and has been committed to celebrating the sensual femininity of its customer since the company’s inception. It is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of functionality and innovation through exploring technique and achieving balance in wearability and design."

In short, it is incredible. 

Enough talk. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Fall 2014 and the Spring 2015 Collections. After all, we're still living in the Fall pieces, but there are few things as energizing as seeing Spring looks in the dead of winter. Enjoy and Happy MLK Day!


Azede Jean-Pierre: A Picture is Worth a

Thousand Words

 Spring 2015 Collection.

 Spring 2015 Collection.

 Fall 2014 Collection.

 Fall 2014 Collection.

Empirical evidence that fashion makes you feel good. 

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