Seattle Sunday: Make-up & Hair By Hanna Mazur

 Before & After.

 A model on

Fancy February continues. When the weather is cold and dark, the most appealing thing to do is crawl up in a ball, covered in fleece, holding a cup of coffee and wait it out. Sadly, we aren't actually able to do that. So, if you can't avoid leaving the house, why not embrace it?

Fancy February

The concept behind Fancy February is to remind you that you deserve to treat yourself like a bride or a princess today just as much as on any other occasion. Why not let local artists help you with that? We started with handmade hats from Olive & Boone and now we move to hair and make-up from the lovely, talented and exceptionally kind Hanna Mazur. 

Finding the right hairstylist to give us our regular cut and color can be daunting. Finding someone to do our make-up and a fancy up-do, well that takes it to an entirely new level. Enter Hanna.

Why Hanna?

 Here I am after Hanna did my hair and make-up.

 And here's the before. Always remember to wear something that opens in front when getting your hair and make-up done.

Often clients ask me about hair and make-up. In our city, make-up isn't celebrated as much as other places and it can be especially challenging to know what to wear and how to wear it. As we age, make-up can be helpful, if applied correctly, and I've discovered that many women who have avoided make-up in their young adulthood really struggle to figure it out as they age. So, when I went searching for just the right hair and make-up person to recommend for you, I was THRILLED to find Hanna.  

My Top Five Reasons You Should Let Hanna Mazur Help You Invest In Yourself.

1. Photos!

A picture says a thousand words. I've included photos of me before and after Hanna worked her magic. Need more? Take a look at the photos on her site. (Remember: just because you are seeing photos of brides, doesn't mean you need to be a bride to indulge in a style/make-up session with Hanna.) Want to see some crazy transformations? How about the before and after photos?

2. Raves!

Hanna's site has a long list of raves from other clients. Reading them makes you feel good and understand the transformational effect of her work.

3. She gives lessons!

Are you kidding? Love! Learn how to do your own make-up to fit with your lifestyle and look your best. A mom herself, Hanna understands that we don't all have 30 minutes to devote to make-up each day. She can help you learn a routine that's right for you. Lessons start at $75.

4. She's exceptionally knowledgeable. Need proof? Below are a few tips from the pro:

1. When creating a dramatic eye, careful placement of eye shadows and meticulous blending is the key. Do not feel obligated to use ten eyeshadow colors, just because YouTube said so. 

2. Dramatic lashes can make quite a statement to any look, and faux lashes are the easiest way to achieve that. When choosing the lash, however, go for the most natural looking one. Having trouble with the placement? Individual lashes are a great choice as well and are much easier to apply...

3. Setting the hair in rollers, and letting it cool before styling your hair will assure a long lasting, more manageable hair-style.

 Thank goodness for photography. Now that's skill.

5. Poplin blog readers get a discount!

Just let Hanna know that you are a Poplin blog reader and you'll receive 10% off. 

Do a little something for yourself. Whether you are planning a night out on the town or to complete your style update with a make-up lesson. Now is the time to do something out of the ordinary. After all, we only live once.