YOU really can rock fall trends, I swear.

 Zoe Saldana. Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week. Hollywood

Client after client seems to think that current trends are for someone else. Not true! Of course, it is imperative that your style reflect who you are and not just the latest fad. But, your look can be authentic & current. Often times, you just need one new piece to change everything. Such as: 

1. Leather pants. Yes. YOU. Sophisticated, classy, lux. If Zoe Saldana can do it, so can you. Follow Zoe's example and pair with your more classic conservative pieces and let the pants steal the spotlight. This works especially well for women with triangle silhouettes.

On a budget? Vegan leather pants are both friendly to animals and your wallet. And, if you opt for this pair from Paige, they are also friendly to women with curves. 

 Paige vegan leather pants. $249.

2.  Two trends for the price of one: Rocking a single color & colored leather. Go!

First up, Alexa Chung. Wearing a single color elongates your body (or at least our eyes think so). This outfit is both comfortable and classy. Balancing a turtleneck and short skirt keeps it classy. Oxblood is big this season. A little too bold for you? Start with a more subdued color- I vote for navy and work your way up.  

 Alexa Chung. Versus sweater and skirt.

 Rose Byrne. Jill Stuart dress.

And, Rose Byrne. If you do a basic Google search on this one you'll find that the fashion police think this outfit is more appropriate for the office than a premier. Perfect! As you are likely going to the office or out with friends. While this is a dress, it gives the effect of a skirt/shirt combo. A casual cotton or silk shirt of a similar color works well with a colored leather (or vegan leather) skirt.  

Looking for the perfect colored leather skirt for you? I LOVE this one from ASOS. The metallic leather gives it some extra excitement, but it is still close enough to a brown leather skirt to fit easily in your wardrobe.  


 ASOS petite pencil skirt in metallic leather. $160.18.