Jegging, Legging, Tregging. I'm sorry. What?

Today I'm surfing the world wide web on the behalf of a client who falls into that small corner of the style world between preppie and edgy. One of my favorite corners, if I do say so myself. 

On this venture I stumbled upon the term, "Treggings." I'm sorry what? Yes. Treggings. Thank you, Top Shop for making sure we have ample opportunity to latch onto this one. I thought I'd make sure that you, dear reader, are never in the dark at a dinner party or on a shopping spree when the various iterations of leggings come up. 

Tregging defined. Turns out, I love these. Tight at the waist and throughout like a legging, these have structure on top and may have a zipper. While Treggings can be worn as a legging with a tunic, they are intended to hold their own as pants. Yes. Wear them with a short shirt. Go wild. They are made of thicker fabric, as well. A highlight from Wikipedia

"The first recorded use of the word was by Stephanie Acton, who was then mocked by her children."

 Spot split front treggings. $56. Topshop.

While I've been wearing these for years, I must admit this is my first time hearing the term. Props to blogger Susie Bubble has been talking about them since 2007- years ahead of Wikipedia's first mention on the runway in 2009. Go Suzie! Perhaps we should give a nod to her by purchasing a pair of Treggings......