Menswear Essential: The structured over shirt

 Dusty olive highlands shirt. $125. Taylor Stitch.



There are few things as satisfying as a beautifully coordinated look on a man. The right shirt, the perfect tie, a pair of high quality shoes. In Seattle, layers are essential. And, taking pride in your clothes is a big trend for men that will undoubtedly continue to grow.  






Personally, I'm currently obsessed with coordinating the following pieces: undershirt, button up collared shirt, tie and a slim fitting over shirt made from a heavier fabric. You can see several examples from a recent client of mine in his gallery. Here's one for now. The grey jersey over shirt pictured is from Relwen.   

 Sample outfit for a client.

That last component- the over shirt- is the most difficult to find, especially if you are looking for a slim fit. I started things off with the olive overshirt from Relwen. It's lightweight and slim fit.  As the weather cools off, here are a couple of my other favorites:

1.  A structured heavy weight mechanic shirt. 


 Black sanded canvas mechanic shirt. $125. Taylor Stitch.

This shirt is a must have for sure. The heavy weight gives it structure and the aluminum buttons highlight the quality of this item, made in California.  With jeans, chinos or corduroy pants, it gives any outfit an edge.

2.  The Chambray shirt. 

Yes. Denim on top has made a strong come back and for good reason. It's incredibly functional and, if you select the right piece, masculine, hip and flattering all at the same time. We actually bought this one by The Unbranded Brand  at a small men's boutique in San Francisco. It is very heavy weight and can easily replace a lightweight jacket. Depending on the styling, a chambray shirt can go from wingtips to sneakers and everything in between. 

 Blue selvedge chambray shirt. $82.The Unbranded Brand.  

Wear these over a shirt and tie, as I mentioned. Or, go for a more casual look with a t-shirt underneath. The functionality is incredible as they also look great under coats or cardigans. 

See more must haves for men on my Pinterest board.