I own it. Now, how do I take care of it?

 Georgia faux leather short. Club Monaco. $129.50.

Ah, the eternal question: I own it. Now, how do I  <insert need here>? Iron, wash, protect, the list goes on. As you may have noticed, Dear Reader, I'm all about the vegan leather/ pleather (let's face it, usually plastic) fabrics that are all the rage right now. After purchasing a few items, I quickly realized that I wasn't exactly sure how to address wrinkles. Hence, this post.

Here are some handy tricks that will help you keep your fall finds looking their best all year long.

1. How do I get wrinkles out of vegan leather?

This one is way too complicated to cover in a few sentences and let's face it. A false move could mean melted plastic on your iron. Lucky for us, the folks at eHow were all over it. Here's a detailed explanation of getting those pesky wrinkles out. 

The only thing that is more ubiquitous than vegan leather right now are boots. And, the singular way to make sure they maintain their shape is to take good care of them.  

 Tsubo Kynlee Boot. Nordstrom. Was: $279.95 Now:  $187.55.

 Fit Flop due tall leather stretch boot. Nordstrom. $274.95

2. Here are a few of my favorite methods to ensure my boots keep their shape: 

  • Place a wine bottle inside each boot. I love this because it keeps them standing firm and makes me feel less guilty about my wine consumption. If the boot is too tall, however, the top may flop over the bottle. 
  • Place a rolled up magazine inside each boot. Bigger is better. A thick issue of Real Simple accomplishes much more than a thinner issue of Rolling Stone or New York. This is great when you get the bug to reorganize, but have already taken out your glass recycling so there aren't enough wine bottles for all your boots. 
  • I hesitate to suggest this because it is true genius and because it is challenging to execute this time of year. Place a swimming noodle inside each boot. Yes. a noodle. Cut each noodle to the appropriate height for your boot, ensuring minimal flopping on top. 

Yes! There are endless ideas for ensuring your boots keep their shape: keep them in the box, add tissue or wrapping paper tubes. And, the list goes on. The most important thing is for those boots to know you love them and for everyone to see that when you put them on.  

So- enjoy your vegan leather and your boots -- together, separately and most importantly for a long period of time. 

P.S.- As per usual, I'm highlighting two pairs of boots that are super comfortable, because, let's face it, you need to walk in them.